Name for our little man- honest opinions please!

we have chosen a name for our baby boy but my parents dont like it, this has not put us off but i wondered if other people also disliked it!

My mum thinks it sounds common! My dad thinks it is not a proper name, it is a nickname, so i would like honest opinions please!

The name we have chosen is Archie Thomas (Winstanley)

Thanks girls,

Nina 26+1 xx


  • i love it!!
    luv clare

  • Thats cute


  • not keen on archie but like thomas (winstanley)
  • I really like, its cute.

  • Love them!! They go really well together!
  • thanks girls, with you saying its cute, do you think it will sound ok when he`s older? x
  • I think it's lovely & not common at all. I understand what your dad is saying about Archie being a nickname, i.e. originally it would have been short for Archibald or something, but a lot of people these days have names that were originally shortened names. Kate is really short for Katherine but nobody would think you were giving a girl a nickname if you called her Kate! And I see that Alfie and Harry are popular first names now - now Alfred and Harold, but the shortened versions. Sorry that was a waffle - anyway I like it!
  • oohh its a lovely name i love it , oh's parents are always sayin bleugh when we say a name so now we have decided on a girls name we havnt told anyone apart from u be girls lol xxxxxxx
  • As long as you like the names I cant see why you're parents should say that. I read somewhere that you should say the full name with Doctor infront of it to see how it sounds in a more "grown up" enviroment.
  • i like it too. once ye like it thats all that matters!!

  • I love it - infact, it would have been our first choice if it wasn't for our surname!!! (I won't post it on here but it sounds terrible with it!! - the surname that is!!)

    We haven't told anyone our name shortlists as we feared the same - before baby is born, everyone has an opinion, afterwards they have no choice!! :lol:

  • I think it is very cute and I really like it.

    K xx
  • i love the name, its really nice image xx
  • I think its a lovely name, I had the same arguement with my FIL about the name Ellie, I love it but don't like Eleanor so I said if I ever called my LO Ellie it would just be Ellie and he went crazy about it, literally but thats just the kind of person he is!
    I think it all sounds great together.
  • Its a lovely name hon - it was on our 'big' list but we fell in love with our other little man choices too much!

    Have to say, although it doesn't help you now, that is why we are choosing to keep names a secret (apart from you guys!!!) as everytime you say something to a family member they have something to say about it. My Mum is the worst for this bless her!!!

    But I love it - don't you listen to anyone else!

  • I like it! My cousin's 5 year old is called Archie & it still suits him!! x
  • i really like it too its sounds so nice with Thomas as a middle name
  • I honestly think Archie is a gorgeous name, and wouldn't have bothered posting if I didn't.

    I can't understand the argument that it sounds common - if anything, it's quite old fashioned & traditional, isn't it?!

    Go Archie, go Archie.
  • this is a good reason to keep the name secret until baby is born. Once baby is in their arms they will not care what it is called...

    I love the name. i know lots of Archies and they are all really nice cutey boys...

    Its YOUR baby so stick with it. IF when he is older he does not like it he can always call himself Thomas instead??

    d xx
  • My dog is called Archie too!!! lol, i think it is a lovely name. Honestly, it is a common name now but it still it a lovely name and that would not put me off !!!! I like it a lot and think it is very classy and boyish at the same time xxx
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