cramps in my tummy???

hi, im not sure how far gone i am yet but have just found out i am pregnant. im waiting for a dating scan. any way what i was going to ask is if it is normal to have cramps similar to period pains???? and also i have been very itchy down below, i think it is thrush, is this normal to get during pregnancy??? i have been using thrush cream but it doesnt seem to be working. jodie x


  • Hi hun thrush is really common in pregnancy. So are period type pains, its probably just things stretching. I've had them all the way through and I'm now 26+6 and still get them! I was told it was just my uterus and skin stretching. When do you have your dating scan?
  • hiya the cramps you're getting are growing pains from your uterus stretching it's all normal, i freaked out about this one too and asked almost the exact same question so don't worry unless they're unbearable or followed with blood. not had thrush myself but i know that with all the hormonal change it's common in pregnancy wear cotton knickers that aren't too tight it should help prevent it and if the cream isn't working probably ask your doctor hun, good luck x x

  • thanks guys, that makes me feel a bit better knowing im not alone! i see the mid wife on friday for the first time and from there she is going to book me in for a dating scan!? x x
  • Hi Jodders, I used to have cramps similar to period pains every day in the first 5-6 weeks and was totally scared but apparently they are very commos as the uterus is streching. They stopped, now I have that pain I wrote in my post few days ago. Talk to your midwife about all your fears. I'm having my scan in 2 weeks time and I hope to find all the answers.

    Wish you all the best xxx
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