Confused -- I am 5 weeks gone -- Anyone the same?



  • SORRY if ive confused anyone my last period was 24th of SEPTEMBER not october I was beginning to get confused myself, it was a typo sorry. (see 4th dec entry) Kerry xxxx
  • JMP i have recurring ones although i'm fading from blonde to bruneete due to winter lol i keep looking blank at people while they talk to me and then they have to repeat it as my mind shuts down lmao its great. especially when its a telling off hehehe
  • LOL, glad its not just me!
  • LOL Kerry - I'm so glad - you had me worried that my dates were completely wrong!
  • hello my last period was 23 october and its due date is 28th july. i have my midwife coming on 12th dec. and i have scan booked for 18th jan which is my husbands birthday, and we plan to tell everyone when we go out for his surprise meal. so lots of surprises that evening. the scan is usually booked between 12 - 15 weeks as they are more likely to tell if the baby has downs. that is what i was told by midwife. i had to book scan last time myself. but this time the doctor did it for me which was really good. he is such a great doctor. i can really talk about any worries and he is very reassuring. wished i could say the same about my midwife though.
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