when did you start to buy stuff?

when did you start to buy baby things?
i so want to start buying things? im 8 weeks tomorrow and ive had my dating scan and all is healthy!
should i wait or start to buy?


  • Hi, i waited until 12 weeks before buying anything and when I did start buying stuff it was only little things like vests, sleepsuits, hats and scratch mittens. Once I had my 20 week scan I went mad with shopping for baby things
  • This is really down to how you feel, most people will say wait till at least 12 wks when the risk of mc has passed but others would rather wait till they were about 20 wks or so. Ive started buying from the day after pregnancy test confirmed i was pregnant with all mine! lol. Im just so excited and cant wait. xx
  • I haven't bought anything, but I know my oh's mum and my nan have and I was really annoyed! Actually I did buy some furry baby socks (ridiculous, I know as my baby is due in the spring) but that's it lol. I was thinking of buying things after my 20 week scan but now I'm thinking I want to be at least 30 weeks before we buy anything big. That way we can buy things in the January sales hehe.
    18+3 x
  • well im not buyin any big things yet! my dads buyin all that 4 me! i just compared some prices and i priced babies r us and mothercare and it was 70 pound cheaper to get all what i need from babies r us! and was less than 500 pound!
  • i dont think im gunna b able 2 wait until im 12 weeks lol i know itss only 4 weeks away
  • well we didn't get anything till about 23/24 weeks - not cos of any superstitions or worries just cos we didn't have anywhere to store anything and couldn't really be bothered with it all!!! :lol: we got the room for the baby sorted first so that then we had somewhere to put things! Even now (33+3) we haven't got any clothes, toiletries or toys!!!! HAVE got furniture, buggy, all nursery stuff and car seat!
  • ive already got my push chair my mate had two bought 4 her so i bought it off her 4 cheap lol so i guess ive already started
  • i brought loads of bits off a car boot sale the weekend after finding out. we only went to look and ended up with a boot full (??200 worth for ??20 lol BONUS!!!!!)
  • lol thats the way lol! think im gunna buy bits on friday 4 my lil buba
  • I started buying stuff at about 12 weeks..
    Onli little baby gros and vests though..Nothing else.
    When i found out iwas havng a girl at 21 weeks scan..I brought loads.
    I diddnt buy my buggy and carseat and moses basket and all the big stuff till about 27 weeks onwards.
    And i wouldnt even take the buggy or crseat or moses basket into my own house untill i was over 29 weeks..
    Just superstitious !!!
    I now have bbrought EVERYTHING..and have actullaly brought to many clothes image
    Just got money paid into bank though..So im off out to buy last little baby bits before i cant get out anymore haha!
    Ill end up buying a hell of a lot more clothes and toys before Baby girl is born though i bet!
    Emily x
    33 + 6 x
  • btw its the only baby shopping we done none since. (lack of space) the baby has its own suitcase though a pooh bear one lol cute
  • lol! i think that ur mad lol
  • I bought a baby record book and 2 baby grows after 12 week scan however We went baby shopping for all the "big things" straight after the 20 week scan and bought all of the nursery furniture, travel system (getting delivered in Jan) etc etc and we now just buy things as and when we see them and are in the process of stock piling nappies (i'm now 29+4) guess it's just personal preference when you decide to start buying everything.

    Gem x
  • lolits storing the baby clothes in a dust free environmentafter washing them all... mad yes but also sensible. plus it means by having its own suitcase i'm not raiding mine for a spare change of clothes or bib lol sensible again lol defo crazy but it has common sense in the craziness lol
  • lol! im gunna do exactly the same the lmao!
  • how do you know how many nappies you'll go through and what sizes rto get and how long before they grow out. i've started buying cotton wool and nappy sacks but not nappies....
  • id wait until youve had your baby to buy nappies you never know could be a tiny buba
  • lol i'll stick with cotton wool and suda cream and nappy sacks and stuff like that they will go in my lil weekend suit case lol so all kept together lol
  • are you decorateing for ur lo?
  • You can't leave all nappies till after birth as you WILL need some for the baby when in hospital!!! Just get some new born - they are fairly adjustable so don't worry too much about the size to begin with (well that's what I am doing anyway!!!! :lol: )
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