what side is ur baby on??

what side are u carrying ur baby on?? mine always kicks to the right she is always there!!! sometimes she kicks in the middle but she is mainly on the right. just wondering cos i just read a thing saying if ur having a girl u carry to the right and if its a boy u carry to the left. i know this is prob rubish but its working for me wondering who else it works for xx


  • Hi mines the same, it tends to be on the right hand side but sometimes its in the middle and very occasionaly to the left. I dont know what I'm having so will let you know if its holds true!
  • Well mine always kicks to the left and im having a boy !! x
  • most of the kicks i get are on the right and in the middle, i dont know the sex of the baby so itl be interesting to see if this is true.xxx
  • Hi my bambino is always on my left side, to the point you can feel her bum and back and my belly looks lop sided, most unattractive!

    Joanna 31weeks 1day
  • My bambino is just like yours Sarah...bambino lays on my left and all my kicks are on the right but don't get many kicks anymore. It freaks me out when baby starts moving the whole of my belly!!!

    Katie and bambino. x x x
    9 days to go!!!!
  • My baby is always on the right and I am having a boy! xxx
  • Mine is on the right-hand side and makes my belly lopsided too!!! Looks really freaky!! Don't know sex of baby either so will have to put this theory to the test!!
    Sarah xx
  • mine always kicks to the right and middle. i'm having a boy. xx
  • I always feel the kicks on the right, or slightly to the right of the middle. I can't tell where the head/bum is though. i'm having a boy xxx
  • My kicks are all over the place!
    I don't know what I'm having.



  • I get all kicks on my right and im having a girl x
  • Mine is on the right and i'm having a girl. But when I was pregnant with my son he was always on the right aswell.
  • My little boy is way to the left, he kicks all over-but he likes to lay right at my front left you can normally see him poking out-my bumps very lopsided the majority of the time because of it (except when I go to the midwives, I noticed whenever I go to see anyone who's gunna feel him he manages to get right down into my back so they have more trouble finding him-Im not sure if its him or if its the way Im layed)


  • My lo kicks to the left and pokes his bum out by my ribs, the mw said today that his spine is running down my right hand side. I'm having a wee boy.
  • My wee boy is lying with his back and bum on my left at the front and he's constantly kicking me on the right side. I'm 36 weeks now so the position is pretty constant. I'm starting to get very sore because the kicks and punches are all in the same place!
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