TMI (sorry) but very worried!

hello for the last few days i've been getting like tightening feelings across my belly and it goes all hard. They are not painfull just uncomfortable. Get one in the morning, one afternoon and normally one after i have a bath. Bubba is still wriggling away and not worrying overly. Well... I am kind of leaking too. It.s a pinkish (but not bloody) with no clots or anything, liquid. It doesn't smell like urine and isn't thick. But i have in the last few weeks had an increase in discharge. I'm so sorry this is way TMI but i dunno what any of this is. I'm 21 weeks, but had bleeding 17 weeks.


  • hi at first this sounded like it cld be braxton hicks, which the tightenings still might be, but the pinkish fluid ur leaking definately needs to be checked out, and sooner rather than later. phone ur midwife or ur local maternity unit and explain this to them.

    don't panic tho, it cld well be nothing to worry about but always best to be on the safe side.

  • see i wondered about braxton hicks. I've managed to get a mw apt at 1.30. Kinda worried.
  • Good news you've got an appt, did you explain your symptoms to your midwife?

    I am sure everything will be ok but its definitely best to get checked out.

    Bec 22+6 x
  • yeah and she thinks it sounds like braxton hicks and maybe my waters leaking. She said not to worry and i've had problems so far so she said it.s not a suprise if it is that but will cross that bridge when it comes to it.
  • Let us know how you get on hun good luck


  • good luck. keep us updated

  • good luck. keep us updated

  • hope its not your waters hun and just an increase of cm with braxton hicks.Got my fingers crossed for you xxx
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