not sleeping well

im 25 weeks now and sleeping is a nightmare, last couple of nights im tossing and turning and im getting leg cramps.

baby hates me being on my side and kicks till i lay on my back.

anyone else suffering ?

gonna try a nice mug of horlicks before bed tonight image



  • Yep, you can count me in on this one - am exactly the same! I toss & turn all night! Its advised you shouldn't sleep on your back, but thats the only place i'm comfortable!!
    I've had cramp in my calves which is a killer, but have read/heard that this can be a lack in potassium - bananas are good for this!
    Sorry i can't give much advice, but just to let you know your not alone!!
    Sarah xx
  • I'm suffering too! Definitely agree it's natures way of getting you used to less sleep. I toss & turn, wake up bursting for a wee, & am also often woken by hubby snoring his head off!!! Great!!!
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