Scan Tomorrow

I have my 12 week NT scan tomorrow - although I will be 13 weeks

I am excited, but quite anxious too

I have already had 3 scans due to my previous ectopic - I last saw my baby at 9+1 and it was great. It mrasured 24mm and its little heart was beating away!

Fingers crossed it all looks ok. I have no reason to think it won't be apart from my own paranoia

I am so looking forward to getting the news properly out in the open. At the moment some people know and others don't so it's a bit confusing! Going to put the pics on Facebook to show everyone but I can never get my photos up on here- it really winds me up!!



  • Hi Kimmy - good luck with your scan I hope it all goes well and you get some good pictures.

    I have mine on Friday and I will be 12 + 2 I can't wait for mine just so I can see my little bean for the first time...

    Take care xx
  • Good Luck wtih both your scans, looking forward to seeing the photos

    AnneMarie xx
  • If I can get the damn things on here!! Someone will have to help me xx
  • Ah good luck Kimmy and Littlem! Can't wait to hear all about your scans xx
  • Well I will put them on FB. I have tried before and I click submit and it ends up going blank in the centre of the screen but it still has the adverts down both sides. Then when I look at the post it's not there! Grrrrr!

    I'm glad you son likes the dogs- they are fun aren't they?! Wish they were mine!

  • Good luck tomorrow hun.
    Even with early scans the 12w scan is really special as it looks like a propper little baby, with wriggly arms and legs.
    Hope it all goes well for you.

  • good luck tomorrow. let us no how u get on

  • good luck hun. xxx
  • Good luck Kimmy, really looking forward to seeing your pics. So pleased everything is going well for you this time x
  • Good luck honey it is wonderful so you will enjoy it so much. Let us know how it all goes image

    K xx
    13 weeks today
  • Grr what is wrong with this website?! Lost my reply!

    Thanks guys I will let you know how it goes. Pics won't be on for a few days though while I make sure certain people know before finding out second hand on FB!

    13 weeks x
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