East Surrey Hospital

Has anyone had a baby there?


  • thats the one in redhill - could have gone there but elected for Epsom as it is nearer live in Tadworth - i think it is ok though - has a good reputation x
  • ooh woody i'm going to epsom too- when you due?
    Sorry steph dont really know much about east surrey? Is that where u having baby?
  • i am due to have my baby there any day now!!! Have had my scans there and have been admited to the day unit three times (one in the early pregnancy and twice the ante natal day unit).
    I have had nothing but good experiences from this hospital, the midwifes/doctors I have come across have all been great and it always seems clean and tidy. The other thing is I have never had to wait for ages to see someone, when I went to the early pregnancy unit that was the longest, in the day unit I have been seen and been out in less than an hour without feeling like I was rushed through.
    Hope this helps, I will let you know about the experience when I have had the little one!!!
    Feel free to get in touch it would be nice to talk to someone who lives nearby.
  • Hi Tanroe - I am not due till Aug
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