9 days to go and FED UP!!

Hi girls

Well where do i begin to start? my best friend gave birth early hours this morning to a baby boy, and i am ecstatic for her and excited to meet her new arrival!! however, i have now reached a point where i am completely fed up of waiting around and i want my baby now!! any one have any tips on how to bring labour on? its my first baby and i know i have a little over a week left but im so fed up :cry:

Love Steph 38+5 xxx


  • I know the feeling! It is horrible waiting around and these last few weeks seem to go on forever!! Unfornuatley there are only things that can encourage labour, and none of these are proven at all. Sex, Curry, Castor Oil, Raspberry Tea/Capsules, Long Walks apparently can have an effect but NOTHING has even been proven. As annoying as it is the baby will come when its ready!! The other frustrating thing is a lot of woman actually go over with their first baby as well, so I wouldnt be at all suprised if you're still here this time in a couple of weeks!!

    My 1st LO was 13 days late!And this is my 2nd LO and I'm already 3 days overdue!!

    I wouldnt suggest you do anything to bring your labour on as you're not even due yet, I'd wait until 40 weeks at least!! But it is so tempting I know!!

    Good Luck and I hope your baby makes an appearence soon!!


  • oh ladies i am sorry to read your posts. i know you have both posted recently that you thought labour had started so i am guessing it didnt. i hope you both get there soon though. i am 37+1 and already wishing, hoping and praying it happens soon now i am classed as full term. but like garfield says first babies often go overdue. aaaggghhh.

    cant wait to hear some positive updates soon though

    take care

    kate 37+1
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