Bleeding after Birth !!!!!!!!

I know you do bleed after you had baby but I was just wondering if it was similar to Period Bleeding Mine were pretty heavy before, Or was it a lot more. Do you Have to buy the great Big maternity Pads or Would something Like Always Ultra with Wings for instance be ok.

I have No idea Does anyone Else know?


  • Big maternity pads are prob best especially for the first week or so. I suppose everyone is different but I had a section and bled quite heavily for 2weeks and then period like for about 3-4weeks after that. Bleeding afterwards wasn't even something Id thought about before I gave birth as i hadnt been informed by anyone, so this website is good for questions like yours where u can get other peoples experiences. When are u due? Kerry xxx
  • Everyone bleeds differently. I bled really heavily for about 4 weeks, and had a huge blood clot day after, but my friend just had a very light period. So id suggest having both ready.
  • id definately reccommend proper maternity pads, normally sanitary towels just arent as absorbant enough. also if you've had stitches, the maternity ones are more padded and so much more comfortable to sit on! I bled very very heavily with clots after my baby for the first 3/4 days.. nobody had prepared me for it, i though i was dying! lol. but you might be lucky and have light bleeding!
  • Good question.

    I have only seen own brand maternity pads in tesco, in the baby department. Do the normal sanitary towel companys make maternity pads? If not are the tesco ones ok these days? xxxxxx
  • You would def be better with the proper maternity pads for til the bleeding dies down & then you could get away with something thinner & more comfortable. Everyone bleeds differently but you would be better to stock up on the big ones & be prepared just incase.

    Hilary x
  • february baby - you can get them from boots or mothercare if you don't want tesco's own. i used morrisons "elle" sanitary towels which are pretty much identical to maternity towels and they were brill.
  • february baby - you can get them from boots or mothercare if you don't want tesco's own. i used morrisons "elle" sanitary towels which are pretty much identical to maternity towels and they were brill.
  • i agree with what the other women have said about getting maternity pads 4 1st week or so and then changing to normal pads. I'd also suggest getting the maternity disposable knickers for the 1st few days so that u can littlerally just take pad and knickers odd and then bin them. their not the most attractive things but its so much easier then messing around with pulling pads off etc. I bled for about 6 weeks 1st 2 quite heavy and the light bleeding.
    Good luck honey!
  • Hi, just a little extra to what the other ladies said - if you don't buy specific maternity pads watch out for the top weave thingys as if you have had stitches you will know about it!
    I just bought 1 pack from Mothercare but that wasn't enough for the 2 days I was in & I bleed for quite a long time afterwards, atleast 4 weeks. I just wore old cotton knickers I had had for years - good excuse to get some nice new ones!
  • e Lara, av u tried sainsburys or asda for bigger disposibles i got sum from boots and sainsburys when i had my 2, gonna av to go there again this time round to!!!:lol:
  • i bought the cheap disposables and some cheap knickers from tescos/asda they were brill and i just chucked them away when used!
  • Hi, was just wondering what r the disposables made out of and are they comfy?

  • their made out of v.thin breathable cotton, I found them absaloutley fine- my mum had told me they were made of paper material and crackled when u walked- THEY DON'T!
    Their absaloutly fine hun, go over ur wobbley belly and u just throw them away when u change ur pad.
  • Hi,

    I got given the pads I needed for the first week from the hospital (I live over in Norway) and they also gave me disposable pants which were a bit like hotpant style pants made out of a similar thing to tights. The pads they gave for the first few days were more like nappies they were so big but they were fab as you really did not have to worry about any leakages and were very comfy!

    I bled very heavily for the first few days and there is no way a normal sanitary pad would have coped. But after about day 3 things slowed down a bit and I used maternity pads from boots, now I have moved on to normal sanitary pads that are longer for night ware and my lo is 2 weeks old.

    As some of the others have said something well padded is a good idea as it does makes things more comforable for if you have stitches!

    The other thing we got out here is a thin large padded disposable sheet which I think you can buy in boots in the UK for if your waters break in bed. These are great for putting under you for when you go to bed just in case your pads do leak, it saves you having to change the sheets! I also had one on the car seat during the last few weeks of pregnancy just in case my waters broke!!

    Liz x
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