In the early hours of every morning I am having major imagecramp attacks in my calves!!!

I know its a deficiency in something but I cant for the life of me remember what - can you help? Or is is just a pregnancy thing!

I am 33 wks now is anyone else suffering from this? I wake up screaming most mornings and its getting a bit embarrasing lol

Thanks for any tips

Love Lee


  • Hi Lee

    I too have this its getting quite anoying now as i have to get up everytime i get it to get rid of it.

    As for the deficiency i can't remember either but would love to know!

  • Salt!!!!! Can be lack of or too much but it's related to salt.....I know this coz my mum suffers with cramp terribly. She takes quinine tablets but I guess they wouldn't be suitable for pg ladies.....hmmmm.....b4 that, she used to gently massage her calves each nite b4 getting into bed and if she had an attack she wud try not to flex her foot as this can aggravate it, my dad wud massage the offending area gently then she wud get up and try walking on it as this is supposed to help the muscle get back to normal as quickly as poss.

    Not nice, especially in the middle of the night.......hope it's not too bad now. xx
  • I'm getting cramp every night now, it's not much fun is it? My dad used to get a lot of cramp and he was told by the doctor to drink a glass of bitter lemon before going to bed. Can't remember if it helped him though! Someone also told me that bananas are supposed to help, but they're not working for me!

    Corinna x
  • I have only experienced this once in my pregnancy but I was screaming and I was half awake half asleep at the time!!! It was horrible so I sympathise, don't think I'd put up with it every night! I think leg cramps are just a pregnancy thing - I'm not sure what would help tbh but I hope you get it sorted anyway. xxx

  • Hi Lee, I have been getting this too! God if its not heartburn or getting up for a pee! The joys of being pregnant! U need to increase your salt levels apparently, I ve been having some crisps every few days and it does seem to have helped! Hope you feel better soon! Tammi xxx
    34.2 wks
  • try drinking cup of warm milk before bed, i heard it somwhere and havent had it since. i had it in my toes the other day while watching telly and OH was laughing his ass off til i punched him.
  • i havent had any cramps but noted all your tips thanks. but i have woke up with a realy bad ache in the top of my leg xx
  • Ive suffered really bad from these cramps, its horrible-sometimes I wake up and I just cant help but scream....gah-they're horrible.
    I remember reading that eating a banana before bed could help, but I havent tried this myself (I tend to have a banana at work anyway and forget before bed) so I dont know if it works;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Hi I get these too, I'm 23+4. I find bending my big toe towards me, so its pointing at you, gets rid of it almost instantly.
  • hi i get these too theyre HORRIBLE!!
    its usally down to calcium deficiancy so get some milky drinks and cheese in you xxx
  • hi ive been getting this too, recently read its possibly linked to a lack of potassium and they recommended eating a banana before bed. have also read that dried apricots are really high in potassium as well!?

    hope that might help x
  • Hi Lee, yep I've been getting this too, I'm 25 weeks and I've had a few attacks of this in the middle of the night usually in one calf right down to my ankle, and then one the other morning where it was in both calves. I had this in the my last pregnancy as well, and it turned into a daily occurrence!! Reading all the posts on here I think I'll try the bananas and maybe the milk, my oh also said I should walk around when I get it which sometimes helps - I'll try anything though its so painful isn't it! xx
  • If oh has time in the morning when I get them he sometimes gives them a quick massage....but it normally happens after he's got up and usually helps when he does;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Brill advice - thanks! Have tried the crisps so far and avoided cramp last night!

    Am gonna go and buy some bananas today and keep them by the bed!

    After one attack the other morning my leg ached for 3 days after!!!! Oh well, five weeks to go (and counting)!!!!

    Take care,
    Love Lee

  • Yeah iv bin suffering from cramps on and off from quite early on although touch wood iv bin okay for the past couple of wks. Its really horrible tho and like you my legs just werent recovering and i was aching and walking funny for days afterwards. Will be following some of the advise on here tho, its defo worth a try. Kerry xxx

  • honestly, bend your big toe towards really works!
  • Its a potassium deficiency. I've not been suffering at night, but when I'm walking and if I stand up my calves go like bricks and start cramping.... Apparently it can occur at any time of the day :roll:
  • Potassium deficiency that makes perfect sense over the past couple of weeks while iv not bin suffering iv had a banana everyday while iv bin at uni, obviously this has bumped up my potassium levels and helped my cramps, hmmmm very interesting the human body is a strange thing. Kerry xxx

  • Have a massive stock of bananas now - will keep you posted lol!!!

    Thanks for the tips ladies!!!
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