No Movement

Hi all........

Not usually a worrier but am 18+4 and the baby has stopped moving. I was feeling baby since 16 weeks, the fluttering and kicked twice but in the last week all has gone quiet!!!

I havn't had any pains or anything to make me worry and belly definately expanding!! It has been really hectic here so know that everything probably alright but just wondered if this has happened to anybody else....

Happy extra special 2008 to you all

Katie...x x x


  • Hi Suzanne..

    Thankyou so much for your advice. I know I'm being silly but I find it eases my mind if I hear from somebody else that its pretty normal!!!

    Katie..x x x
  • Have you tried drinking cold water? My baby would move loads after I drank cold liquids.
  • I will definately give it a try...usually have cold filtered water in the fridge that I drink regually but must admit with it being the festive season I have been drinking all the nice juices and pop that people offer you!!!

    Thanks for the tip...Just off to the fridge now!! x x
  • and even if the drinking cold water doesnt work i always found putting the cold cup on your tummy always did the trick for me lol
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