is any1 pregnant but planning another baby straight after?

hi, just wondered if anyone was thinking the same as me really! lol


  • actually in an ideal world yes, i wld definately have liked to have conceived about 12 weeks after this one, sounds crazy i know but always wanted kids close together and i suppose biggest gap between pregnancies wld be a yr. but, gonna have to put that out of mind as not even sure where we're gonna be living when this one comes along so we'll just have to wait and see if we're in a position to be able to or not


  • hiya new to the chat room, im 19 weeks preg with my first and am planning for one straight after as time is ticking and i want at least three kiddies image
  • hi i fell pg when my son was 1 so theres a 20 month gap. its the hardest thing i have ever done. but i am more than certain that once my babies grow up together it will be worth it and i have it out of the way! but wont be doing it again in a hurry! i love the fact that they will be growing up together xxx
  • I conceived baby no4 when 4 months after having my 3rd. It is really hard and I would struggle if it wasn't for the help from my older children!

    Am due on Boxing Day but due to suspected OC again I am likely to give birth around first weekend in December so the age gap will be 1 yr and 2 weeks! Everyone says the first year will be really hard work - but hey you only live once and this little blue bump means I have 2 of each sex and that will complete my beautiful family.

    I was very broody when I was pregnant with Violet and I think both hubby and I knew we would go for a 4th...just thought it would have taken longer :roll:

    This time I have been anything BUT broody and cannot wait to have my body back!

    I say go for it image
  • I had our daughter on the 10th October 2007. Just gave birth to our son on 25th October 2008.

    Fell pregnant 11 weeks after giving birth on 7th January.

    Don't regret it at all!! And it certainly isn't as hard as most people make out it is!!

    Love it!!


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