Need time to slow down

I thought I would have a lovely weekend with the grannies to be buying all the nursery furniture and pram and stuff. And they did, they had a lovely time, spent lots of money on us, cooed over cute stuff, then both went home and left hubby and I feeling like someone has hit the fast forward button and we are really not ready for it!! We have the nursery nearly ready, I finish work in 5 weeks and all we can keep thinking is 'oh my god, we don't know how to look after a baby!'
I am getting really really freaked out and really scared at what I have let myself in for. Help!


  • Calm down first off!!! Once your bubs is here, everything will fall into place. It's natural for first time mums to feel panicky - it's a great unknown after all, but I promise you that once lo is here, you will learn together how you work as a family and what you should be doing!!!

    The important thing is to take time out and not to go into complete meltdown.

    Incidentally I'm pg with my 4th child and still don't know what I'm doing half the time, but even I seem to be able to get through and do a reasonable job of raising them!!!! LOL

  • Don't worry, you'll be fine! Half the time I'm thinking I don't know what to do with a baby either & I've already had one (though it was 14yrs ago!) I'm sure I wasn't this scared first time round - maybe it's because I know what to expect.
    I've got just over 10wks until baby's due, & 6 left at work. Part of the time I want her to be here already, & part of the time I want time to slow down too!
    It's perfectly natural to be scared - this is a massive thing that's just around the corner, & your life will never be the same again. But it's SO worth it!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your baby when he/she comes, because they grow up very quickly.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. You must be due near enough same time as me Fraus, I'm 29+6. People keep telling me I will know what to do when time comes, but I'm not so sure. Don't know if age has anything to do with it, I'm 35 and for 12 years it's just been me and hubby so bringing another little person into the equation is a bit daunting? I dash between extremes of not even being able to go into the nursery to look and then having to double/triple check everything is there and do I still need to buy anything? What a rollercoaster this is!!
  • Mummym, i've been feeling exactly the same!! In fact, i burst into tears when in the bath on Tuesday evening & decided i couldn't do it & was going to be useless!! OH did try to reassure me etc etc and i've kinda gotten over it, but am still scared, but decided i must think positively (easier said than done)!! Will find out in 14 or so weeks!!!
    Sarah xx
  • Thank god I'm not alone Sarah. I keep reading and reading and I have my antenatal class tonight as well, but I don't feel like I am learning anything!! A question gets answered then leads to another. I am trying to stay really calm on the outside and only hubby knows how I feel cos I am kind of worried peolpe might think I am a rubbish mum already for feeling like this!! Positive thinking for us both, I'll send you some vibes!
    Mel x
  • mummym, I'm due on 2 June, what about you? Don't know why, but have a feeling baby's going to be early, could be because parents & brother are away on hols last fortnight in May, so bet she'll come then & they'll all miss her first few days - boo.
    I know what you mean about bringing another (little) person into the equation. Me & hubby have been together 5 years, but we get to spend a lot of time just the two of us, as my daughter's a very mature 14 & does her own thing most of the time, also spends every other weekend with her dad.
    Keep thinking we should be making the most of these last few weeks when it's mostly just the two of us, but I'm usually too tired to do anything!!! Hopefully our new arrival will add a whole new dimension to our relationship. I'm sure my hubby willl be a great dad, & Holly will also be a wonderful big sister (she's so excited it's untrue).

    I'm sure you'll be fine, & will love being a mummy.
  • Hi Fraus,
    I'm due 31 May and have no idea whether will be on time or not. My family has so many birthdays in June I want lo to have own birthday but we'll see. I am sure my hubby will be a great dad too, just not sure mummy is gonna be very good!!
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