OH is trying not to get too excited about being a daddy, as he is a very realistic person, and doesn't want to get ahead of himself!! Bless him.

So I nearly fell over last night when he said he had been thinking of boys names ( we have already got a girls name ).......


What do you think? I really like it, but can't imagine a teenager being called that!

As I am sooooo not up to speed with names, as still so early on ( 17 +1 ) not sure if it's too old fashioned??

Our surname is Clydesdale, which is a bit of a mouthful, but think(?) Alfie goes with that.

What do you thinK?

Sam x

P.S Isabel for a girl......


  • Thanks Holz!!!

    Is it too popular then????

    I don't know, can't please me eh?!!!

    Sam x
  • Alfie is a really lovely name MummyClyders!

    It is old fashioned but all those names are coming back now. We've chosen Ruby for our little girl and alot of people say, oh my nans called Ruby etc!

    I think its a great name for a teenager too. Lily Allens brother was on This Morning today and his name is Alfie and it really suits him.

    I think your hubby has chosen a fab name!! xxxx
  • I LOVE the name Alfie my friendjust called her little boy Alfie so we cant have it i also liked Alice for girl But another friend got in first so we have chosen George for a boy and Daisy for a girl i like the old fashioned names more thanthe modern ones but every one is different my nephew is called Teddy which i thought was abit strange but he is four now and it is perfect for him. His sister is called Mollie so we have a mol and Ted and they really do suit it. So yes Alfie is adorable x
  • Hi, Alfie was my 1st choice should I have not gone with the names of my grandfathers, Harry Thomas. I really like the name Alfie
  • i think Alfie goes really well with your surname. Alfie is a lovely name. we have been really struggling with a boys name. i want Harriet Rose for a girl. i know i want oliver for a middle name. my oh came up with zephron so if i take my oh surname it would be Zephron Oliver Shepherd which is a gbreat name to shout if there in trouble te he. but didnt know if people would think we had named them after a star trek character lol. its the only name we both like but not sure how well it would go down
  • i LOVE alfie!! by oh wouldnt agree. i think its lovely, to me it suit a baby and a teenager, but i live in scotland so didnt know if thats why!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I love Alfie-in fact its the only boys name me and oh can agree on, although my midwife said its fairly common. I dont know any babies/toddlers called alfie so we are carrying on with our plans.
  • I think that's really nice, we like Archie for a boy which is quite similar. i think all these older style names are all coming back in now.
  • hi. we liked alfie for a boy but my cousin called her boy alfie so we chose archie lewis instead. all the old fashioned names are really making a come back.xxxx
  • Oh what lovely lovely replies!! Really made me think it's perfect....! Just read all your replies out to OH, and said can we have it then.... and he said Maybe!!! Men eh!!

    I love the name Archie sooooo much, but my last dog was Archie, so couldn't have it.

    WestBrom1 - George is my newphew and Godson's name, and Daisy is my goddaughter name so they get my vote for you! Fab names!!

    Debs - not sure about middle name - wanted to originally have our dad's middle names David Peter ( original name was William ) but not sure they go with Alfie. Could have Jack as my maiden name was Jackson....

    Thanks again, for all your lovely replies!!! My mind is made up. Alfie it is..... just need to convince him!!

    Sam xxx
  • Hey Sam, Alfie is a great boy's name. Two of our friends have recently called their little boys Alfie and I think it works for all ages. Also love Isabel for a girls name too.

    It's so hard to think of names. Have you had a look at any of the name books you can get? They are quite handy to have look through and give you the meaning of names too. We're going to start thinking of names - promise not to pinch Alfie though!! xx
  • Thanks Jo!

    I have just sent you a message on facebook.....

    I know we have ages to decide....but just LOVE it!! Gotta convince Neil now!!

    You have had your choice made (50%) easier!!!!

    Hope all OK... Samxxx
  • I work in a youth club and all the boys are called Alfie or Charlie loads of them are teens and really suits them! my other half wants to call our child if its a boy Charlie!
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