so sad over nothing

hi all just was wondering if anyone was feeling depressed and sad
i dont know why have had some famliy problems but nothing we have not been tho before i just cant seem to snap myself out of this
i feel like im in a dark hole and i cant get out
is anyone elses feeling like this i have 14 weeks to go and i cant realy say im looking forward to my baby any more which is worrieing me even more
thanks for reading :\?:\?


  • I am so glad you have put this as i have been feeling like this now for a few days but today has been the worst, i woke up just wanting to cry. My hubby works away and is away for longer this week and not back til wednesday then its my birthday friday and he is not going to be here again for that yet he was meant to! I have 2 beautiful little girls who i love but are being very naughty at the moment and one on the way so i should be happy!

    I love being pregnant so its not that its just these silly hormones!!!!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon but i will say it is quite normal to have these sort of days!

  • thanks for the replys i have no reson to feel like this and i will talk to my midwife but i just cant stop crying thanks again
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