Hospital Bag - confused!

We went to a meeting on Thursday to see a midwife with a few other expectant mothers and fathers to fill out our birth plans. We talked a lot about our option etc.. she said when you come into hospital don't bring a suitcase or wheelie bag or anything because there will be no where to put it.

Well when I had my daughter I was in a different hospital as we've moved now. I took a wheelie suitcase with me that just about fitted everything that I needed in it's a medium sized one and nobody said anything about bringing it. It measures 40cm by 65 cm.

I don't know what to do now as most of you know there's a lot you need that are large like my nursing pillow, dressing gown, slippers, blanket, towels (2 for me and 1 for baby) the maternity towels are HUGE too! What do they expect us to bring these things in?? A bloody Tesco bag?!!

I know i'll definitely be staying at least one night anyway (because i'll be on the consultant's ward and they like to take to be cautious etc) so I'd like to be prepared and don't want oh going home trying to find things and messing things up trying to look for things. Should I just take my case anyway?


  • I know at our hospital we can take in what we like as long as it fits under teh bed so it doesn't get in the way. Can you ring the hospital direct and ask their advice? If not I would still have everything packed that you want/need and have it in the car so your oh doesn't have to go looking for eveything! Tammi xxx

  • Hmmm-Im not sure, personally id probably just forget that advice and take it anyway. I mean-theres always somewhere to just stick a case.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I know that's what I thought - the bays can't be that small. I just put mine in the corner last time. There's so much i want to take like camera, batteries, clothing is quite large, comfy shoes, my toiletries bag is big so is make-up bag lol. then there's shampoo and conditioner bottles (tried to cut down by packing flat sachets of body wash) i'll need hair dryer, GHD's am I going over the top!! lol! I'll be going in in 21 days - i'm sooo nervous about it. I keep thinking oh's gona be useless as he can't get time off to go to antenatal classes.

    Tammi - that's a good idea about keeping stuff in the car.

  • God what do they expect you to do? I took a wheelie suitcase with me when i had my son and i'm planning on taking it this time! Have you seen the rooms at your new hospital? they must be really small not to fit a suitcase that size in, my hospital is massive. Surely a big bag with all your stuff in will take up much more room than a suitcase that is designed to save space? I'd just take it x
  • Thanks speckle i think i will!! I'm going to see the hospital for a tour on the 29th i'll get a good idea, and will look to see what other people have taken. It's better to just take my suitcase than to have millions of smaller bags everywhere - as if my life's not confusing enough as it is!! lol.

    I just don't want to get funny looks when i go in wheeling a suitcase behind me and a holdall bag ontop!! Don't want them to think i'm staying in a hotel or anything.

  • Its hard enough having a baby, they cant begrudge you a few home comforts! Like you said once you have packed dressing gown, slippers ect theres not much room left.
    Its not like they can tell you to go home and change your bag is it lol X
  • Could it maybe be that there is just not enough space on the delivery suite? I would have thought that you would be fine on the ward so perhaps you could pack a seperate smaller bag with the stuff you need while actually in labour and leave the big one in the car untill you are moved up to the ward.
  • I won't know how big the suite is until i go on the tour later in the month. But that's a good idea if they say no suitcases in the delivery suite. which is understandable really - if there were complications and all the consultants and midwives rush in and start tripping over my suitcase and bags!! God that would be bad!! There's a funny image in my mind now lol!

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