What are these?....

Evening Girls!!

I have really painful pains that go through my lower tummy, around my back, up my sides and down below. They are really sharp and only last a second or two. They catch my breath and make my knees buckle.

Anyone else had them around the time they are due? :\?

Sharon x


  • could maybe be contractions starting?? hope u rnt left waiting too long now hun!! xxx
  • Maybe just maybe you princess will be here tomorrow after allimage
  • i had some strange pains the night i went into labour with dd1 and just couldnt get comfortable at all so went to bed early to be woken up a couple of hrs with contractions!! xxx
  • Oh really? The pains are kinda going thru my bum too (tmi) lol

    Im just gona head to bed, feel soo tired tonight, feels about 11ish and its only 7.30!

    Night all x x
  • I'm no expert having never been in labour, but I sat here and thought... "er contractions maybe?" tee hee!
    Hope its really happening for you!!!

  • mine felt like sharp pains dwn there too and i think it was actually her head banging on my cervix as she was ready to come out!!lol woohhhooo exciting!!try and get some sleep xxx
  • I'm having them tomight too... all in my bum, lower back and feels just like her head is banging into my cervix!!! I hope you're all right about it possibly being the onset of labour coz I'm due in 1 week image
    Fingers crossed!
  • Hi Mrs J

    Just wondering how you are feeling today? or if anyone has herd anything? xx
  • Hey!

    Pains have eased off, although i was awake alot of the night, just generally feeling uncomfy. The sharp pains i posted about seemed to ease off after a while, sure it may have been her pushing down as they tend to come when shes wriggling about.

    Ill keep an eye on myself... MW at 2pm, looking forward to it image

    Sharon x

  • I'd say ur checking the time every 5 mins waiting until u can see midwife. hope she gives u another sweep.
    keep us posted

  • Aww Good luck at the midwife! i really hope you get a sweep done at this time it makes your little angel come and meet you all! xx
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