well subject says it all really got my 32week growth scan today am well excited cant wait to see the little fella again! and see how big he is now! was 3lb at 28 weeks! its at half 2 and today is gonig soooooooooooo slow!! help me wish the time away!


  • Ah good luck for this afternoon, I have a scan on Thursday and we're due very close together and both expecting boys so it will be nice to see how similiar the measurements/weights are!

    32+4 x
  • ahh cool. yeah im due 16th may.. looking forward to it! will let u know his measurements later on! x
  • Ah good luck for your scan. 3lb at 28 weeks is good - my best friend had her little one at 30 weeks and weighed 2lb2.
    Enjoy your scan.

  • woo good luck huni i have mine at 30 weeks and cant wait to c my lil boy again!! i also had my 2nd son at 31 weeks and he woz 4 lb 12oz so i reckon he would of been huge if he went full term!! let us no how u get on
    luv clare
  • well he weighs 4lb 9 oz and his tummy,head and legs are measuring 2 weeks ahead but they allow u to go 2 weeks either way. so nothing to worry about atm! x
    will let you know his exact measurements when hubby gets back coz left notes in the car! x
  • Glad it went well for you.
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