What do you girls think?

My best friend has been trying for three years she had one lot of IVF and she got a very faint BFP but thn started to bleed and lost the baby. This was her second one and her test day was today, she tested and got a very strong BFP last night and again at 3am but when she wiped this morning she said she saw a small amount of pink cm??

This is kinda how it happen before what do you think?? Do you think it could be poss she is just spotting a little due to the fact sheis due on today???

K xx
17 weeks today


  • Thank you girls i am worried sick for her. there is no red blood as yet but she said she is getting cramps though not bad cramps like she normally gets when AF is due.

    She wants this so badly and has been through so much I just pray this works out for her i truly do.

    K xx
    17 weeks
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