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Hi hun, i noticed that you mentioned in a reply to another post on ttc that you said you never got a positive on ovk. Did you get any lines at all on them, were thy just not as dark as the control line?? Its just that ive never got a + either but i get a faint line that gets darker but then fades again. I just wonder if this is a + for me, maybe i wont ever get a really dark line? Thanks for any help you can give me. lov Debs xxx


  • Hi Debbiemc - how you doing hunny?

    Well I used the CB digital opks - so you get a smiley face as a positive indication....

    I NEVER got a smiley face and I bought extra sticks so that I could cover a large range of my cycle. I decided to take the sticks out of the casing after a few goes to see if the lines were getting darker but they never did! It made me absolutely panick that I wasnt oving...to the extent that I called NHS direct crying! (You see I had had a mc so i was worried my body wasnt 'normal'). But then on my second cycle of using the OPKs and still not getting a smiley face i got my bfp! So obviously I was oving. After speaking to the doctor at NHS direct (who was brilliant) she told me that she hates opks and wld never recommend them, she said they cause alot of stress...and she was completely right!

    I decided to monitor my CM on the second cycle and this was a great indication for me...i got EWCM and bd around this time! Could work for you!!

    xxxxxxxxxxx Kittyboo 18+4
  • Thank you so much for replying hun,Im not too bad thanks although im a little down today! Hows the pregnancy going, are you glowing yet?? I have got a + on cbd but never on the cheapies! I have invested in a cbfm but havent had the chance to use it yet because im having an extremely long cycle!! Hopefully AF will show her face soon and i can get on with ttc. Maybe i should trust my body and just rely on CM. Thanks so much for your help, you never know i might get into the pregnancy forum before you leave!! lol. Take care of you and bump, all the best Debs xxxxx
  • Ah chin up Debs.

    Semi glowing haha! i.e. sickness has subsided.

    CBFM - I have heard good things - alot of ladies got theit bfp 1st mth with them!

    Come on hurry af for you!!

    I was watching that 'Sperm programme' on tv the other night and the Doc said that couples should have sex every second or every third night (not every night) and that should work - you should be able to 'catch' ovulation.

    It is very hard to do though....i'd be knackered ha!


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