Bleeding YET again!!

Hi girls, Hope you are all well and had a fab weekend.
I was back in hospital in the early hours with my 3rd bleed. Baby was monitered and is healthy and strong. I had an internal and they took some swabs but yet again they don't know why I am bleeding, it could be my placenta as at 20 weeks scan it was abutting but they wouldn't scan me. I have a scan next monday so have just got to sit and wait again. I have had about 4 hours sleep and have woke up to pain and more bleeding. I know my hormones are playing up at the moment but I'm just sitting here crying as I feel the docs think I'm making a fuss over nothing. I have to look after my 4 year old stepson today and go to work all while I'm in pain and bleeding. I know I should be ok as baby is fine but I'm just a little worried as seeing blood is so scary. I'm 32 weeks and have come sooo far with my first baby that I couldn't bear anything to go wrong now.

Sorry if I sound like a winging, silly moo but hormones and lack of sleep don't show my best side!!!

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • Aw hon, you don't sound like your whingeing at all - I would be doing far worse I think.

    Can't offer any words of wisdom I'm afraid as I've never had bleeding this late in pg, but take heart from knowing your lo is doing fine at each check. Make sure you rest up - can you take time off work at least? Getting rid of stepson might be impossible, but at least you can kind of rest up with him around.


  • Try and rest hun. As was said can you get out of work at least today. Can LO go to neighbour/good friend/relative even for a couple of hours to give you a break?
    I bled a lot in my last pregnancy and also at around 34 weeks when i was at a restaurant with my mum. They didn't scan me either just listened to his heartbeat and kept me in a few hours. He's now 4 and happy and healthy.
    Good luck hun and if still worried go back, its your baby and body. Take care.
    Filo x
  • like filo said its ur baby and body so if ur worried u should take urself bk - dont worry what they think - its better safe than sorry. hope everything goes ok 4 u. Elaine xx

  • I agree with all the others, take the day off work, and if you are worried and upset then go back in. It is better to be on the safe side hun. At 4 your stepson should be pretty good at amusing himself. Stick his fave dvd on and put your feet up for a while.

    Good luck hun, and try not to worry as it sounds as tho baby is ok xx

  • Could you persuade lo to play doctors? You lie on the settee and he tucks you up with a blanket and takes your temp etc? Failing that put cbeebies on to entertain him, one day won't hurt! If it was me I would definately try and stay of work, would they not understand if you phoned in sick?
    Take care of yourself and baby, I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine but I will keep fingers crossed for you,
    Kerry xx
  • oh hun i have everything crossed for u i remember we had a bleed at the sam time at around 20 weeks and we were both fine that time. im sure u will be fine again try and take it easy i know work can be a pain the arse but when i go to work now i dont do f all anymore maybe give that a try if u HAVE to go in.
    thinking of u xxx
  • Hi girls, thankyou soo much for your lovely replies, I have been back into hospital as bleed was getting worse.I managed to take evidence with me this time also!! The senior midwife thinks I have had a show. My cervix is closed but I have protein in my wee, a lot of discharge and low blood pressure. Baby is absolutely fine but I've been told to rest. Sam my 4 year old has been to the docs with his dad aswell as he has ear infection so I have both my boys at home with me now. Feel alot better and baby is kicking and wriggling. In a bit of pain due to having yet another internal, but at least I know the procedure now!! Its a waiting game until I have my scan on monday now so am gonna try and relax til then!!

    Thankyou all again for your kind words, You guys always make me feel better.

    Katie and a buggerlugs bambino!! x x x
  • Hope you have managed to relax a bit hon!

    Did your 2 boys spend the day spoiling you? I cannot imagine how you are feeling but at least you are being watched and scanned.
    Take loads of care ok!!!!
    Love Lee
  • Hi girls, feeling really tired but baby been beating me up while I've been on the sofa all afternoon so feeling constantly reassured. Its my day off from work tmrw so will have another days rest.

    Thankyou soo much again for your support and kind words. Just hope this is third time lucky and everything is fine for the next 50 days or so.

    Hope everybody is well and their LOs are good.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi Katie
    just seen your post, hope you're ok hun and have a great day of rest tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed bambino holds out for the duration.
    Em x
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