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Sorry to crash in on your pregnancy forum but I am hoping I may be able to get some advice or hear some stories that may help me in my quest for a baby.

I've been TTC for over 4 years now with no joy, we have had bloods and SA tests done - both normal. Recently we saw a Gynae/infertility consultant who has found a emdometrima or "Chocolate Cyst" on my right ovary which is over 3cm in diameter. I didn't know I had endometriosis - I have bought a few books to try and help me understand the implications but I am finding these quite upsetting as no matter what way I look at it this is certainly why we haven't conceived yet.

The consultant is going to do follicle tracking mid-cycle next month and if the cyst is still there (not reduced in size or disappeared) then take me in for surgery (he didn't go into detail on how!!) if it has shrunk or gone then he will do follicle tracking for 3 months and then if I am not pregnant in for surgery anyway to look.

I am happy with him and his suggestions but what is worrying me is that everything I have read says that any form of surgery can damage the ovary in removing the cyst and could mean that I won't have any decent follicles afterwards anyway, however leaving the cyst there has the same outcome.

I should get to the point really - sorry for the waffle!

What I am interested in is if there are any pregnant mum's or women who have successfully conceived having had endometriosis or cysts with or without surgey? I guess it just would like to hear some success stories to put my mind at rest and any words of advice that you could pass on to me.

Thank you



  • Hi Jules- have been reading your posts with ever growing hope for you and was sorry to hear your news but yes I can share a few positives. My friend and cousin were told they would struggle but friend caught naturally twice while suffering from endometriosis and cousin is expecting her second after using clomid and she has cysts.
    Really hope to see you here in preg forum soon xxxxxxxxx
  • hi, i'm sorry to hear your story.

    I'm currently pregnant with my 5th baby and have just found out at my 12wk scan i have a cyst on my right ovary! I'm not sure what type or how big or anything, i don't even know how long it's been there. I think i have only just got it though cos i'm sure one of my other scans in the past would have picked it up, however saying this, i did suffer a miscarriage in may which was my first ever and hopefully last so whether i had it then and that was the cause i don't know!

    When i told my mum she told me that her mum (my grandma) has them too, and that a friend of my mums had them and was told she couldn't have children and she now has a little boy!

    I'm sorry i'm not much help, but i wish you all the best and hope you get pregnant soon xxx
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