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Why do other people want to bid on what I really want??? I am an ebay novice and I think someone is gonna steal my item - HOW RUDE!!!!! :x


  • its best, if you can, to first decide what your limit is for an item and then dont bid until the last 2-3 min and put your maximum bid in. You wont necessarily pay your top bid as it will go up in increments and you have more chance of wwinning. I have bought pram/travel set, cot, moses basket, electric steriliser, breast pump, swimming costume, baby grows and video camera, so have had plenty of practise!! lol

  • Willowsara did try to explain to me last night but I think i have just done the opposite to what she advised ( I think same advice as what you said), now there are more people bidding grrrrrrrr.
    Can I just clarify if I put a maximum bid in I wont necessarily pay that amount?! I am worried if I put ??50 in I will end up paying that when currently it is ??20. Told you I was new to this!!!
  • Hi
    You will only pay that if someone puts a high bid in pushing yours up. Say you put 50 and someone else bid 49.50 and then stopped. Another thing would be to bid an uneven number. Such as 50.01 as if someone else bid 50 you would win. Happy bidding!
  • oooooh thank you for that!! It could become addictive hehe x
  • ok i am officially sulking now and not liking ebay :evil:
  • if it makes you feel any better, when we have lost out on items we have been really gutted and then when we have won a similar item later it has always worked out to be better!!
    viki x x
  • Thanks..... i am gonna start searching again!!
  • Oooo,
    ebay gets addictive image
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