how old is everyone?

im 32 and worried about being the oldest one at the relaxation classes anyone else feel like this?



  • Hi im 23 and i had a daughter 2 years ago when i went to the classes i was the youngest everyone was in there 30's and even 40's i wouldnt worry about it hun 32 isnt old Sophie 35+6 xx

  • thanks hun feeling better already ,its just seems like everyone i know thats pregnant is younger than me and the people i worked withseem to think its a crime to have more than 2 x

  • im 31 and this is my first

  • im 27 and at my classes the ladies were mainly in their mid to late 30s in fact.....thank god i didnt go to the class before mine because mostly they were late teens x
  • Hi I'm 31 and this is my first.
    Soooo excited!!! My friend just had her first and sh'e same age as me. Don't worry what people think, it's your choice not theirs.

    Claire x
  • I'm the oldest then. LOL I'm 33yrs and pg with my 3rd. I don't feel like I'd be the oldest at classes though as there are a lot of older mums round here, p'boro. I don't know what I'd class as old anyway really. my dh's grandma was 44 when she had hers years ago.....which was classed as old in those days

  • I'm 27 and pg with my third! had my first at 23, next at 25 and this is my last!
  • i feel the opposite as at 25 having my first child most people seem to think i'm too young! You can't win really..all of my friends aren't married yet let alone considering children and everyone i know who's havin/recently had a child is in their 30's so i feel out of place being that much younger. I think it dosn't matter how old you are we'll all love our babies the same!!xxx
  • I WIN!!!

    Am 38, (39 in October) and am expecting my 3rd and final!!!!

  • Look's like I'm second for a change at 36, pregnant with my second. I was 35 when Haydn was born. I'm too scared to go to classes in case I get 'Hello Miss!' as I'm trying to relax.
  • I'm 30 and this is my first. I don't think that there is any 'right' age really, some people seem to think that 30 is too old to be starting a family while others say 25 is too young- which leaves a pretty narrow gap! Surely whenever you (and oh) feel ready is exactly the right age!
  • I win too Oldermum! Except I'm the youngest...hehehe! I'm 19.

    This is going to sound mental but whenever I go to the antenatal clinic I feel dead old. Some of them have got to be 15! Maybe my mw secretly does a 'teenage mum day' to make us feel less young haha! But I have never seen anyone over 20!!!

    Anyway back to the subject - 32 is not old! My mum was 32 with me and 34 with my sister. Back then she was considered an old mum, but now it is nothing, look at all those mums in the paper having babies in their thats weird! xxxxx

  • Im 24 and this is my second (got a 19 month old ds) when i went to my classes when i was having my son i was by far the youngest (i was 22) the majority of couples were in there 30s so i wouldn't worry about it. I think its a more done thingto have kids in your 30s today. I have loads of people who come into my work who make comments about how young i am to have children. I cant say as it bothers me though, as long as my children are well looked after and happy thats all i care about.
  • Hi, im 32 this is my first. dont worry about the classes im sure you wont be the oldest one there. The classes i went to women were in their late twenties to mid forties and we were all on our 1st pregnancy.

  • thanks girls i feel much better now xx

  • thanks girls i feel much better now xx

  • this is my first and i'm 25 xx
  • im 21 and this is my first baby xx
  • i'm 22 having my 3rd and final baby x
  • i'm 22 having my 3rd and final baby x
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