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So whoever guessed that was right. I was really hoping for a girl and felt instantly gutted but that lasted for half a second as seeing the baby wiggling about brought tears to my eyes. Its got a little willy and a little ball bag. She said he looked really good and ran the scan all down its back and you could see its spine in tact and its fingers and she even said it had contents in its stomach which showed it was swallowing.

She changed the view to 4d to see what it was like and it looked like a cross between an alien and a monkey and then it moved she said that is why they usually do the 4d scans at 27 weeks as the baby has more fat on it and doesnt move so much.

Luke is very happy although he would have been happy either way and he is already planning on taking him out with him doing boy things with cars, his Dad is very pleased too and his friends are all congratulating him on a BOY!

Sorry it took so long to come online my Mum had a fall last night so I was up hospital until late

Georgie 16+3


  • Congratulations babe.

    I know how you felt as I wanted a boy and when she told me it was a girl I had the same feeling.

    Thats good she changed it to 4d, I would have loved to see my little girl in 4d. We're going to book a 4d one later on.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • Oh hun I am soooo pleased for you image The scans are fab eh they really are, have you got some pictures to show usimage

    Sorry to hear about your mum babe I hope she is ok.

    K xx
  • Georgie congrats! well look at it like this it takes a true lady to concieve a boy! (i stand no chance cos i ain't much of a lady lol) bless hope to see some pics!

  • Really its best to wait for 4d so you havent missed out on anything at all. She said 26-28 weeks is perfect as earlier they are too skinny and look really ugly and later they look too fat and you cant see the screen properly.

    I feel a bit weird as ive had Liam for 12 years and hes my boy and my little man and I always thought he'd be the only boy id have so I dont want to replace him. I also worry that I wont love this baby as much as Liam but Im sure I will as I wanted a baby for so long and ive got so much love to give. My Mum said she never thought she'd love anyone as much as me until I had Liam and she got to be a nanny, she now loves Liam more than anything so I guess its normal to be worried when you have a second child.

    Georgie xx

  • Oh congratulations Georgie. Hubby would really like a little girl, but we already feel like bump is going to be blue again. Never mind, like you say the disapointment wont last for even a second. I'm glad the scan went well, hope you got some pictures!
    Hope your mum gets well soon xxx

    Cat 16+3
  • Congrats on your scan! This is only our first but my hubby wanted a girl and we're having a boy. He was disappointed at first but is now really excited.

    I'm over the moon we're having a boy although like most women would have loved a daughter too, to do all the girly things with!

    I'm sure you will love your new little man just as much as your first.

    Bec 28+4

  • Congrats Georgie, I hope you are ok with it being a boy now,I want a girl and know if mines a boy I may be disaapointed, hopefully that is just short lived. Best Wishes.

  • Congratulations on your little boy! The first boy for the August forum. So pleased for you.
    I am sorry about your mum, hope she gets better soon xxx

  • Ahhh congratulations! Bet your son is chuffed to be having a little brother.

    I know how you feel with worrying about feeling the same about another baby, my daughter is ten and we were on our own for most of her life so were very close. Im really excited about the baby but also cant imagine loving someone as much as I love her. My mum said that most parents feel like that and itll all be fine, so Im going to try and relax about it xxxx
  • congrats on pink bump! and hope your mum is ok.
    Ames x
    26 wks today
  • Congratulations!!!! They flicked my scan onto 4d briefly so we could have a look too!! Amazing isn't it!!
  • congrats hun x

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