Who's got a Belly Line???

I had a dark line going down my stomach in the last pregnancy 2 years ago, this time I don't have one!!
Sorry I don't know the 'official' name for them - but it's funny how some women have them and some don't. Why is that?:\?


  • I also used to have one with my daugter who is now 2 but i dont seem to have one with this baby, i am only 26 weeks tho so maybe its still to come !
  • I had mine with a girl too. I had it quite early on- it might be caused by hormones. Maybe I'm having a boy this time!!
  • isn't it linea negra? or sommat like that image not got one but i'm only 17+6 so maybe i'll get it later? everyone reckons i'm carrying a boy so it there a difference do more get it with girls or is it for both?
  • Well i am carrying a boy as we've had it confirmed so maybe - he he xx
  • my friend had it with a boy but she did not get it unil the last month of her pregnancy xx
  • I'm 13+1 and I have noticed a faint one starting to come. I am convinced I am having a girl, even though we are not gonna find out, so maybe....
  • Lolly2007 - I'd bet that you're having a girl. That's when I started to get a line and I had a girl.
  • mine came about 29 weeks its very faint but there.
  • Hi got mine really early with my girl which was 5 yrs ago and only got one in the last 6-8 weeks with my son.Have still got it now and he is 20 weeks and im 13weeks pg with third.
    vikki xx
  • mine is reallyreally faint and came this week i am 36 weeks ihave also got small stretch mark too ihope this is not the start of an explosion of stretchmarks i thought id got away with it!
  • still a while to wait find out yummy mummy, but will have to let you all know so we can see if it really works!!
  • hi ihad a girl last time and had, still havent got it yet this time..when does it come?i cant remember, im 22 wks tomoroo so maybe still too early!


  • hi,

    i have this line, it is pretty dark & stretches from the middle of my bump right down to my pubic bone and i'm having a boy! i think i was around 16wks when i first noticed it ... not sure though as my memory has turned to mush!

    gem x
    28 +3
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