How easily does wallpaper come off?

Hi mums and bumps
We rent our house so we arent painting or wallpapering our nursery but would quite like to put a nice border up around the wall, I know you can get those stick on ones so possibly one of those but was just wondering if anyone knew how easy they are to remove? If we cant find a stick on one we'll use a normal paste on one..does that one come off easily?


  • If you use one of those steam things, wallpaper just peels off, but any paper leaves marks on the wall, so you would have to repaint. x
  • i have one of them self-adhesive borders in my daughters room and she pulled it off the wall in a huff one left no marks on the wall!!! i guess it depends on how strong the glue stuff is and if it will be stuck onto painted or wallpapered wall....
    14 days to go xxx
  • if you are worried about not being able to get it off, let me know & i'll send my boys round! Oliver is 6 and stripped his nursery border off by the time he was one, and Alex is nearly 4 - he still keeps peeling the bloody wall paper off "so i can stick my stickers on the white bit, mummy!"

    seriously, check with your landlord - we are landlords, and dont mind tenants redecorating at all
  • lol thanks ollier, I'm sure my 4 year old will be more than happy to help peel it off!
    I havent checked with the landlord but will give them a call and see what they say, they know I'm expecting so hopefuly they wont mind.
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