Scan measurements??

Hi everyone,

I am due to go back for a scan on thursday after no heartbeat being detected over a week ago. I was told the baby was 5.1mm which would make me 6+1 weeks.

Are the measurements the same for everyone or can they be different? I find it hard to understand that all babies measue exactly the same as all babies aren't born the same size!?

Really scared for thursday, these past 8 days have been absolute hell.

Emma x


  • Hi, I had a scan at 6+5 and the baby was 5mm.

    They said I was 6+1 but I knew I was 6+5 because I had seen the heartbeat and a later scan proved I was right! It's just an estimate so I wouldnt worry, the most accurate dating scans are between 8 and 16 wks xxx
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