Another names crisis!!

Hi girls!!

Please give me honest opinions on names!! OH has picked one of each & so have I!!

Lola Jasmine Smedley
Miley Jasmine Smedley

Carter Daniel Smedley
Luca Daniel Smedley

Another we both like for a boy

Riley Daniel Smedley!!

Please give me honest opinions, I won't be offended if you don't like any!!

16+5 x


  • G - Lola Jasmine
    B -Carter Daniel
  • Hi,

    I like Lola and Riley

  • i prefer luca to carter, and i think lola works better. goodluck! its so hard choosing names! we went through loads and then carried on changing our minds even when we'd picked our final ones!
  • I love Lola, thats such a pretty name, not as keen on Miley but think thats because my ten year old is always going on about Miley Cyrus! xx
  • girl - Lola
    boy - Luca (i just love that name!!)
  • Lola Jasmine is really pretty,we've got Jasmine as a first name if its a girl! I'm liking Luca or Riley for a boy,good choices!! x
  • Lola & Luca xx
  • Luca is lovely, really unusual - seen lots of Riley's lately. I like Lola but have known of lots of them recently also so to be honest I prefer Jasmine!! good luck, so hard isn't it. x
  • miley & luca, altho if u both like riley thats a good name too, not that any of them are bad names, just those three are fave from ur choices

    (runs off and digs bigger and bigger hole lol)
  • I love the name Luca or Lucus but not shortened to Luke..but i cant have it as our surname is Lakin and OH reckons it sounds like a porn stars name...

    I also like Miley for a girl...but that now is gonna be very popular cos of Miley Cyrus! Dont like Lola as a 1st name at all (sorry) but I like the sound of Jasmine Lola!

    Its so bloody hard, we have now stopped looking and are hoping the name will just pop up out of nowhere!!!

    Jacki 32+2
  • I say Riley, but im totally biased!!!!!!
    I also love Lola.

    Naomi xx
  • i like lola the best for a girl. xx
  • Thanks for the replies girls!! I love Jasmine too, but we're thinking of it as a middle name because my mum had a still birth in 2002 & named the baby Jasmine, so thought it might be a nice tribute? I will need to ask her first though!

    I'm sure we'll be changing our minds like the weather, & LO will have a totally different name once it's here!!

    Thanks again!!

    16+6 x
  • I prefer Lola Jasmine Smedley. Not sure about Miley
    For boys, I prefer Luca

  • I love Luca for a boy. Without being rude, I'm not sure about either girl name as Lola always sounds a bit saucy to me and Miley makes me think of Miley Cyrus which in my mind always comes out as Smiley Virus.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude! I just thought you'd prefer honest opinions.
  • i love luca !!!i would like it but my brothers best m8s surname is luker and thats wot every1 calls him.hes a gr8 lad but it still puts me off alil.
    luv clare

  • I'm going for Lola and Luca. My 3 year old is Luca and he is fantastic!! So i may be a little biased lol
  • I love Lola, Although I quite like Daniel for a first name and Riley for the 2nd . Sorry just to be different!

    Niblett xxxxx
  • I like Lola and Riley the best. We had Lola on our list at one point!
    Riley is very sweet. My niece's best friend (3yrs!!!) is called Riley!!!

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