Hospital - baby playing games!

Hi All, well I didn't have many movements on Tuesday or Wednesday and normally baby Scott is kicking all day so went to see my mw yesterday and although the heart beat was there she sent me to the hospital to have a trace done. By the time I got there I had a headache and stomach cramps which I am sure were brought on by worring! Well they set me up to the trace machine and monitored the baby and suprise suprise didn't he / she wake up and start kicking like mad! How embarrising! Sure they thought I was just a neurotic first time mum! After being monitorred for 30 mintues baby Scott had kicked over 20 times and these were just the ones I could feel, there were loads more movements that could be heard.
At the end of the day I am just really pleased that everything was ok and bubs is doing well, will never complain about getting kicked in the ribs again, lol! Also got told off for not eating enough, but don;t honestly know how I can eat more than I do! But any excuse for more chocolate!!!
On the plus side I got to see the labour suites as thats were I was and they are really nice, big and airy and the mw were lovely bringing me tea and biscuits.
Tammi xxx
29.5 weeks


  • Pass it this way hun! Can't eat anymore than I am already. Today oh gave me a tub of spag bol, a yoghurt and kit kat for my lunch and I could only manage about 2 thirds of the spag bol. He wasn't happy that I hadn't eaten it all but just not hungry??? xxx
  • Rainbow drops are yuck! I just want biscuits! xxx
  • hey tammi glad to hear everything is ok with u and baby scott!!

  • Hey Tamara I had this same problem last week it was really embarrasing as I was monitored and we counted over 50 movements in half an hour and a bout of hiccups, mw was very nice though and said they had magic beds that got babies moving again lol
  • glad everything was ok, bet you were worried sick!
    My baby seems to kick around and then as soon as i look to see whats happening or get oh to get off couch and come feel he/she stops! me thinks bub is playing musical statues and messing with dads head!
    x x
  • Caz, yeah the beds are magic! Reall comfortable too at least meeting the mw's made me relise how nice they all are. Only problem I face is that my oh friend was pregnant about 6 weeks ahead of me and lost her baby at 17 weeks. We have not seen her since then as felt its her place as to when she feels ready, thing is she is a mw at the hospital!!! Won't know how to react if she is there when I go in!
    Listef, baby Scott does this too when anyone comes near me! Even stops sometimes when I put my hands on my belly, def think they are very clever.
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