OT Coleens Real Women

Did anyone see coleens real women this week when they were looking for the face for Benefit Cosmetics?

I watched it last night as id taped it. Anyway one of the 3 girls that got through to the brand (Karis)
Was applying a really gorgeous (clear with red tint) lip gloss in gold packaging as they did the..............




It looked like an Estee Lauder Gloss by the packaging but its not on any of their web pages............
Anyone recognise it??????? Ow i really really liked it!!!!!!!!! :\(:roll::\(


xx ;\)


  • Sorry i can't help! Why don't you google it, you can find out everything on there usually! Something like coleens real women karis lipgloss might come up with a result xx
  • Tried that already huni.....thats what i thought too but nada.......
    Thanks for the advice though huni (hugs) i realise its a random ask on a baby forum!

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