Got my pram!! (about time too)

I finally chose my pram on Saturday and bought it home with me (although I think this is supposed to be bad luck isn't it?). I chose the bugaboo chameleon in dark grey and sand, and I love it! I was against the bugaboo at first, but the lady in the shop said it was the best (and the most expensive coincidentally ha ha). We got a free maxicosi car seat with isofix base thrown in and 15% off all accessories so got quite a good deal really. I feel loads better for finally buying it - I've got 7 weeks left and baby could really come at any time.


  • getting the pram makes it seem really real i think. i got the M&P pilko back in january and cant wait to put my little girl in it.
    Emma, due in 18 days xxx
  • Bugaboo's are cool. I'd have one if I could afford one - think most people would coz they are the best out there at the mo. Sounds like you have got a gud deal there.

    It's supposed to be bad luck, but then again so is buying clothes before a certain time and I've started already hehe


  • Luck shmuck! - don't worry about it.
  • Oh that was a good deal. I had my pram at home before Millie was born (although my mum tried to talk me out of it) and I will have the double before this one arrives. Just an old wifes tale as far as I'm concerned.
  • Yep, we've had our pram at home too since January (me being paranoid and buying it uber-early!) - and LO not due for another 3 weeks!
  • hi well i glad u all have yours lol i am sitting in waitin 4 mine to be delived at this momment in time had mine from mothercare had to av it delived as it was not in stock but it can come anytime between 8 in morning n 6 pm as it is now nearly 4pm i must be last on list its always the way isnt it and i am so fed as i due in ten days
  • We got pram and cotbed at 4 months! Bad luck is a load of old nonsense. The only negative is it wouldnt be nice to have to look at them if something went wrong with the pregancy.
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