When will i get my Linea Nigra!!

I look every morning and throughout the day!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!

I got so excited this morning as i though one had developed, but no!! It was just a crease from how i was laying lol!! FOOL!!!!

When did you get yours?

Steph xxx



  • I still haven't got one sorry!! I don't think everyone does!

    Bec 31+4 x
  • OHWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im sulking lol! xx
  • With my 1st two children I got it round about the 16 week mark and it got darker and darker as time went on. BUT! Here I am 30 weeks on Friday with number three and no sign of it yet!! No idea why i've not got one ths time. Might ask my MW next time I see her.

    h x

    29 + 4
  • OHWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im sulking lol! xx


    My tummy has got pretty furry but thats not quite the same is it!! x
  • Im 29weeks on friday and no sign of one. I dont think i had one last time either. You could always draw one on :lol:

  • mine has appeared at about 23 wks, im now 27. with my son i didnt have one so was quite surprised to see it this time.
  • Thats weird goonie, I've got a really furry belly too!!

    h x
  • Not sure hun, if you find it can i have one...this is my 3rd baby and im almost 37wks and nada lol!!!! xxxxx
  • Thats weird goonie, I've got a really furry belly too!!

    h x

    Its not pretty is it image x
  • No, not the most attractive look I've had. I've also got a dodgy solitary hair coming out my chin which i've never had before (i keep plucking it, don't worry). Homones are funny things!

  • I am a bit odd I got my and this is my first baby at 11 weeks!!!!!

    It was just from my belly button down but now I am 19+5 and starting to get one that goes up as well. Some girls just don't get them though.

    K xx
  • I've never had one on any of my children! Sadly though I DO get the extra body hair! Tummy,thighs...everywhere sob xx
  • I still havent got mine...and I am 18 weeks! x
  • I don't have one either, not that you'd be able to make it out amongst all the stretchmarks! I look like a road map! image

  • Well im glad im not alone!!! I have also developed a furry belly and thighs!!! I wonder if i take to myself i can swap this for a line?

  • I really want one but nothing yet and im 25+4 x
  • Sorry I havent got one either and I'm 32+5 so don't think it will be coming. That said I thought I wasn't going to get an outie belly button but just the last couple of weeks it's started to poke out, not all the time but more and more and especially if I'm stood up rather than sat down!
  • I never had one at all when I was pg with my dd...sorry to disappoint you but you might not get one!

    Keep looking, it might appear when you least expect it!

    Jaimep xx:\)
  • i never got one on both of my pregnancies,shame i couldnt say that about the stretch marks and i also got a hairy belly on both pregnancies

  • i never had one with brooke and im 31+3 now and dont have one this time either! x
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