did i do the right thing??

hi i have been a fulltime mu for only a few motnhs now because since my hubbie changed hours, it was working out pointless in me working becasue all my wage except about ??25 was going towards nursery fees (where my hubbie previously cared for wee girl 3 days a week), i am now looking for parttime work in evenings and weekends

i have just sent off an application (BHS) for 3 evenings and 4 hours ssaturday and sunday

in the letter i sent with the application i told them that i was 5 months pregnant cause i felt it was better than dreading the interview (if i got one) waiting to see their reaction when they saw bump.

but then i remebered that i think you only have to tell your employer by the time you are 6 months so maybe i shouldnt have mentioned it

what would you have done? i think there is fat chance of me getting a job considering il need time of for baby etc but thought id give it a try for extra baby cash


  • I think you have done the right thing, its better to be up front and honest. Plus although you dont have to tell them it would be pretty obvious! If you turned up with a bump you had not mentioned that might look worse. Legally they cant not give you a job just cos you are pregnant if you are the best candidate. Good luck x x
  • yeah i did kind of think that, but how would i ever know if i didnt get it due to being preg or cause i wasnt ideal candidate? anyway, im in two minds whether i could cope watching a 3 year old all day then going out to work at night!!! but im sure im not the only one who has to do that.....so what will be will be x
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