who else has experienced bleeding in their pregnancy?

okay so as must of you know i had bleeding last wkend, had scan & everything appeared okay but need to go back in 2wks. For the past week have continued to have spotting, pinky discharge and tiny red streaks of red in my clear discharge.

Anyway i just wanted to know how many of you have experienced some kind of bleeding in your early pg? I know it can be normal and I just want to get an idea of how many of you have been through this. To be honest the bleeding doesn't upset me anymore just does my head in waitin for my next scan to see if everything is okay. Just need to hear your stories with positive outcomes. xx


  • hi funkymonkey. i had bleeding at 8 & 17 wks. had an early scan the first time which showed a haematoma (sp?) on my uterus wall and from what ur saying, my bleeding early was similar. at 17 wks, an internal exam showed cervical erosion - apparantly common and I know that my erosion had shown up on smears before (but i thought maybe it went away with preg) I'm now 36 wks with a lively healthy baby (same preg)!
    I hope everything goes well for u!
  • hi i had bleeding at 6weeks and 8 weeks. had two scans all well and go for 20 wk one 12th march.

    hoping all goes well with you, when is your next scan?

    love becs xx
  • Hi funkymoney,

    I had bleeding for 4 days at 15/16 weeks & I honestly thought that I was losing the baby but it turned out to be a cut inside the neck of the womb.

    I'm now 31+5 so not long to go until I meet my little joy!
    How far on are you now? My sister's friend bled the whole way through her 2 pregnancies, apparently there are some women who are just succeptible to it.

    Lauren xx
  • Hiya....

    I had bleeding at 9 weeks and 19+weeks.....I gotta scan at 9 weeks and baby was fine. At 19 weeks the hospital I went to were useless. They gave me a painful internal and said they couldn't see anything wrong. I had to ask to listen to babys hb!! At my 20 weeks scan it turns out i got low lying placenta which prob caused the bleeding as uterus was trying to pull it up to where it should be. Baby is absolutly fine and dandy. They are strong little beans!!! I have to go back for another scan at 34 weeks to see if my placenta has moved. I have had some more slight bleeding.

    I hope everything is fine with you and baby and that the next 2 weeks fly by smoothly for you.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi, i did at around 10 weeks or so. Went up to hospital and got an internal examination as there wasnt any sonographers available and she confirmed the pregnancy was in the right place etc. Luckily as we were getting ready to go, a sonographer became free and we got to have a scan (even though i had just been to the loo) and saw a tiny kidney bean shape on the screen and the heart beating away. What a relief! I sobbed when i saw the little heart beat.

    I didnt realise then that bleeding in pregnancy is common but it is very scary when it happens.

    Fingers crossed that everything goes okay for you and your little baby - it sounds very promising that a heart beat was found though at your earlier scan.

    Ange xxxx

    30 weeks
  • I had bleeding up until 12 weeks. And after that absolutely nothing else. They could not explain to me why either. I feel better than I ever have and enjoying my pregnancy so much. Now I just want her to come.

    Good luck I'm sure everything will be fine

  • Hi Funky Monkey - I know exactly how you feel I bled from weeks 6-8 and it was really really scary, I'm 31+5 now and all is well (touch wood). Best of luck to you, xxx
  • Hi I had bleeding from 5-8 weeks and then tiny bits of smearing around 12 weeks and nothing since. I'm 21 weeks now and everything is looking fine!

    Bleeding apparently can be due to cervical erosion (especially after sex) or just good old hormones, and therefore not harmful to lo.

    Hope everything settles down - I know how worrying it is.
  • hi when i went for my early scan ( with oh and my 4 year old daughter) we found out that i was 23 weeks gone and baby was growing well and all was good. ( this was at 1pm) but then at 5pm i went to the tollet as i had tummy cramps and saw loads of sticky red blood. there was so much of it that myself, my oh, the paramedics and nerses thought that the worst had happened. but when the gynocolergist checked my cervix and said it was still closed. that was when i had my first ray of hope that baby my still be ok. the next day i had another scan and baby was alive and hart was strong. i was ordered on bed rest for a week and bleeding stoped. im now 38/2 weeks. i hope my story helps. take care x.
  • Hi I too had a scare this week, i'm 23 weeks and had slight bleeding for 4 days, went to hosp and had an internal (horrible experience), all was ok. It was funny as i knew baby was ok as they were kicking the hell out of me, but i thought it might be in distress!! It is horrible as i was panicking and no one i knew had bled before! But all is ok and the hospital found nothing, so i assume i have a cut or something that has somehow got in there!!! lol!!
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