Hi all...
im in a right predicament!...

i found out what our last baby was because im a Capricorn and natuarlly us capricorn people 'have to know' by nature!!.....
but im wondering if i should experience not knowing (as we only want two children)...
Not sure i can to be honest as i like to be ready in my mind...
what do you ladies think.. and has anyone regretted finding out/not finding out??

feeling so emotional today.. and feeling lucky to have another baby growing inside me! (had a miscarriage previously, so makes me feel very humble)....

thanks everyone
Em x


  • aaw i cant answer for you but im in the same predicament! my scan isnt until a week tommorow, but i dont know what im doing to do yet! part of me thinks a suprise would be nice, but the other part wants to know!
    so, sorry - that wasnt much use! but didnt want to read and run image
    hope scan goes well!
  • hi there , well we found out when i was expecting my son and was so glad to be able to prepare and get to know him as jack before he was born and we said we would find out this time but when we got there baby was hiding and we went the week after for a re scan and they still couldnt see so were having a suprise really exited now about having the experience of both but i think its easier to prepare and so nice to buy pink or blue....its totally up to u and u never know u might get there and find the baby is hiding its bits from u !!lol........also i am gettin a bit annoyed with everyone saying its a girl just because ive got a boy and they think thats what i want one of each when actually a boy or girl as long as its healthy will be perfect x x x xx
  • Why don't you ask them to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope and seal it. Then you can still decide after today whether you want to know or not and you're not pressured into making a decision by this afternoon. We're going to do this and then open it on Christmas day with all the family there.
  • i like the idea of putting it in an envelope and finding out on xmas day. dont think that will work for us though as im only going to be 12 wks at my next scan at the beginning of dec!
  • I didn't find out with DD and loved the idea of having a suprise. However, this time I am really sorry I didn't find out or have it written down in an envelope because I really want to know this time. The worst thing is the sonographer knows what baby is! She siad the legs were crossed but it she knew! Any ideas what that means? She showed me the bladder filling up but to be honest I couldn't really see anything. I think it cos with DD was quite sure she was a girl and this time I change my mind on a daily basis. Today Bruno is a girl but who knows tomorrow!
  • We havent found out and only 6 wks to go until we do find out!! I have to admit that there have been days I have really wanted to know and if it had been in an evelope then it would have been ripped open and then probably regretted it afterwards.
    Its funny having everyone else guess. The only thing with not finding out is when it comes to clothes shopping. 99.9% of shops now know that mothers find out and its either blue or pink. There is hardly any neutral clothes out there at all. I have just plain white babygro's, which some might find quite boring.
  • We haven't found out and we only have 4 weeks to go until we get to know - like the other ladies have said, it can be boring getting neautral clothes but we have just brought the bare mimimun and will then just get pink/blue stuff once the little one has arrived.... along with all of our friends and families.

    I have loved not knowing as it just builds up the excitement even more but we are all individuals. My best friend is due at the same time and she had to find out....

    I hope you have a great scan - whichever you decide (although let us know if you do find out) :lol:

  • Umm, I'm going to find out in a few weeks time but i do know exactly what you mean when you say you want to experience not knowing. I don't think i will find out if i'm lucky enough to have another baby. It just helps sooo much knowing and there really isn't a great deal you can buy clothes wise i don't think if you don't know. I have been buying the odd bit and actually finding it hard buying with both sex in mind. If you can cope not knowing then I think it would add to the fun! I say give it a go!

    15 weeks
  • wow!.. thanks everyone for posting!
    im off in half hour for my scan and i absolutely LOVE the idea of having it on paper and sticking it in an envelope for xmas!
    what a lovely idea
    i think we'll go with this one.....

    thanks everyone... you've really helped me decide...
  • Did you put it in an envelope or did you decide for them to tell you there and then?

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  • Did you find out?!?! Hope all was well with the baby! x
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