any1 given birth at norfolk and norwich university hospital?

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well the above says it all really its known as N&N for short. If you have I'm interested to know how long they keep you there after having baby? I know it will be longer if there are any complications. also do yjey keep you longer if its your 1st? I've struggled to find anyone on this forum from Norwich so doubt I will get a reply but here goes anyway.

Thanks in advance xxx


  • Hi Apple Jack

    I'll be giving birth at the N&N (I'm due on May 18th). This is my first so I can't really help with your questions except to say that I've heard the same as you - if no complications, they'll let you go home with baby about 4-6 hours after the birth. One of my work colleague's wife gave birth there in December and she was allowed home about 12 hours after the birth. She'd had an epidural and they need to check that there is no blood in your urine a number of times afterwards so that they know you're ok.

    When are you due?

  • Hi I'm not due till the 4th august but I'm not a fan of hospitals so don't want to be in there too long!!
    you haven't got too long left now!!! have you had your antenatal classes?? I spoke to my midwife and she says its a one day class. If you've had them can you let me know what they cover. You may even get a different class for your area. thanks xxx
  • Hi Apple Jack

    Yes I've had 3 out of my 4 antenatal classes. They are probably different to your area though. I live in Scarning near Dereham and so they are arranged through the Peddars Midwives Team which covers this area and a bit further south/west of Norwich. I have heard that the Norwich ones do run slightly differently though.

    So far, I've had 2 classes with the lead midwife which covered:
    -recognising signs of labour
    -the process of going through labour and giving birth
    -pain relief
    -nappies (reusable ones as an option)
    -general sorts of questions we all had.

    Also had a class with a physiotherapist who dealt with different breathing techniques and positions to get into in different stages of labour. Also showed partners/husbands how to massage us to make us feel more comfortable and some muscle exercises we can do to strengthen everything up a little bit before the main event!!!

    Got one more to do which will be with the health visitor in a couple of weeks and I'm guessing they cover things like bathing, changing, general care of baby, etc.

    Each session has been 2 hours (or more) and have been really helpful. You can also arrange antenatal classes through the National Childcare Trust (they have a website) but it was going to cost ??135 and we decided that what we have had has been excellent. The NCT also arrange for a tour of the delivery suites I think, but we've already seen the ones at the N&N because I was up there at 26+3 with really bad pains (which turned out to be a ligament strain!!).

    Hope this helps!

  • My sisiter-in-law did twice, both C-sections, and it was fine. They kept her in a day longer with the first section cos it was an emergency and afterwards she was really tired and kept asking the nurses for help with going to the loo and stuff. Second time around it was a planned c-section and she didn't need so much assistance from the nurses so they were happier letter her home the next day. In both cases, they did the right thing by her. It's not nice being in hospital, but at least there if you need extra care they'll look after you.

    At least it's a nice new hospital! Poxy small expensive carpark asideimage
  • Hi there
    I live in norwich and due 8th july.
    Im having a difficult preganancy and think I will prob' have a c section, as I am under the guidance of a consultant as well as usal anti natal clinic.
    My sister had twins in N&N 3 years ago and was very happy with service given to her.
    Also I have had to spend several nights on ward and found all the nurses lovely.
    Rachael x
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