Car Seats - confused!

We don't have a car but obviously need a car seat for when baby will be in other people's cars etc or when using taxis. We have the primo viaggio IP as it is the one that fits with our pram (m&p pliko pramette). Problem is that I'm now worried that it might not fit in some cars and as we do not know exactly what brand of car we will be going in etc. we have no way of knowing! Anyone know if this brand of car seat will fit int he majority of cars or not? Lady in shop just said it depends on seatbelt size.


  • Hi hun we have this car seat and our car is a Volvo S40. It is quite a bulky car seat but should fit a decent size car ie. not a little fiesta or something, most taxi's are big cars so I wouldn't worry too much. Tammi xxx
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  • Hi hun, it does but most new cars [and when i say new i mean under 8 years old] have long enough seatbealts to go around. How are you going to get lo home from hospital? if you are hiring a car can you take the seat to the firm and try it out? Also i had to change my car the week i came home with my lo as the belt didnt go around but to be honest it would have if i had if tilted the seat forward first to get the belt behind and then slipped it in place but that was way to much hassle! LOL
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    We have that car seat too. We got a list of car manufacturers that the car seat fits with ours - together with the huge instruction manual on how to fit it properly. I think if you also go to the mamas & papas website and find the carseat, they list on there which cars it goes into...

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