A couple of questions

Hi girls,

Just wanted to ask a couple of things as dont have a mw to ask yet. I was wondering if it is normal to have a heavy discharge every day and also i have been getting a nosebleed every morning for the last week or so. I am now 9 weeks and just wondering if these sound normal.

Thanks xxx


  • hi lilylou i had a pretty heavy discharge at around the same time in my pregnancy as you are. im sure its normal dont worry too much but ask ur midwife when u get one. as for the nosebleed i dont know im afraid! xxxx
  • Thanks girls, seems fine then. Im not new to nosebleeds by any means, i get them everyday in may/june as have bad hayfever but thought it was odd when i started getting them last week - guess its one of my weaknesses.

    Thanks for the comments xxx
  • my gums r started to bleed every time i clean my teeth now! just thought i'd add that haha xx
  • lol yeah mine do and i have become really sensitive to heat which was never a problem before i've always claimed i have aspestos skin, can cope with any heat. not so any longer image xxx
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