Advice please - Car seats compatable with Phil and Ted sport


Does anyone have a Phil and Ted sports buggy? Which car seat do you use? We really like the maxi cosi car seats and the Phil and Ted adapter says you can use 'most models' but doesn't specify which. The shop assistant couldn't answer this and they don't sell the adaptor to try it, we have to order on line.

Thanks in advance xx

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  • The Phil and Ted's is compatable with the Maxi cost cabrio fix, and I think that is they only one available in this country. It's a really good seat though, we bought it last time round for Millie and will be using it again this time.
  • Thanks Bedhead

    I'm currently in the states and they have Maxi Cosi Mico car seats, I'd imagine they would have the same fitting? I've been told that Maxi Cosi are the safest in the world and that the Graco snugride is the safest in the US xx
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