Travel Insurance past 28 weeks?

Hi ladies,

I will be travelling when I am 28 weeks pregnant and returning when I am almost 31 weeks. Has anyone travelled this far in their pregnancy and found travel insurance? I want insurance that will cover me and little one for absolutely every eventuality or I am not getting on that plane!! But I am finding it really difficult! It looks like most insurers will insure you up to 28 weeks, and then after that some wont insure you at all whilst others have so many ifs and buts its hardly worth it!
Any help would be great xx


  • i haven't done this myself, but if i were u i wld call the airline or ferry company u are travelling with oplus ur travel agaent as different companies have lots of different policies, and they also might know the best company for u to go with. not to want to sound patronising but have checked that ur airline etc will allow u to travel at all, i know sonme say no travel after 28 weeks and those that do let u fly will only do so on the provision of a doctors 'fit to fly' note.

    sorry not much help but didn't wanna r&r
  • i have my insurance with lloyds and i phoned them and they said that as long as the airline say you can fly then i am still fully insured so i would give them a call and check. Im in canada at the momen, flew out here at 20 weeks and will be 23 weeks when we fly home.
  • Thanks ladies!

    Siany, I did think about the airline not allowing me to fly, but was quite surprised to find that most of the bigger airlines (British airways and Virgin in my case) allow you to fly up to 34 weeks! Of course this is on condition you have a covering letter from your doctor and your midwife. We were not going to book our tickets till the week we fly anyway in case I developed something by then, even a slightly increased BP and you wont be allowed to fly! It didn't dawn on me till yesterday that insurance probably would not cover me. Most of them see pregnancy, even if it has been trouble free, as either a pre existing condition or 'special need' ( I love that one!)
    M&S do cover but are very strict about being back 8 weeks before you dues date and that would only be a few days after my return, so dont really want to do that in case there is a delay in flights or something coming back!
    Such a nightmare! Anyway, like I said in my original post, not getting on that plane without fully covered insurance!! Feel awful as its for a friends wedding, and I am the only bridesmaid, but I cant go and risk anything! My little plum comes first!
    Will have to keep searching!!

  • Hi, I phoned Go travel insurance and was told that due to new government legislation pregnancy was covered under normal travel insurance and that I didn't have to get a special one. I was supposed to fly to Norway last week but unfortunately winter vomiting bug got us all. I am 29 weeks pregnant and had got fit to fly certificate from consultant and everything!!
  • Hi

    I got my insurance for this trip from Royal Bank of Scotland, and they'll cover you up till 8 weeks before EDD, but again if you're worried about delays that might not be enough.

    Bailey_B - I'm in Canada just now as well! OH is still filling in visa application stuff for the UK, hope they have a relatively fast turn-around!

    Aileen x
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