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Sorry to G/C - need your advice please!

My body is really confusing me, its my own bloody fault for not temping this month and being more 'relaxed', I only have a rough idea of my dpo.

I took my temp this morning 37.1 - the highest its ever been, took a poas and BFN, and had some brown CM (sorry tmi), think I might be 11 or 12 dpo and always get AF at 12dpo.

So is it AF starting to show - but then why is my temp so high?!
Or is it implantation spotting - but why no bfp?!

Anyone had anything similar? At this point I don't mind if its a bfp or af, I just want to know!

Thank you!

:\? :\? :\?


  • Hi Hun, It could be implantation spotting, if thats the case your HCG levels will start rising after implantation has occured so may be too early to detect a BFP. Nothing wrong with being relaxed hun, we were the month we got our BFP! Give it another couple of days, if spotting amounts to no AF try a FR test to see. Could it be that you Ov later than you thought? or do u have regular cycles? Sorry not much help hun, but good luck image xxx

    CG 22+1 Pink Bump xx
  • Hi CG, thank you for your reply hun. I normally have an 11 day lp, and I think I ovulated on day 16 (after a +opk) and my cycles range from 27-29 days. Was having a major sulk! lol! Could have ovulated early, but have never spotted day before af before.
    Ah, will have to wait and see and stop being impatient! Hate waiting! lol! xxx

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  • Well Fingers crossed for you flower image Keep us updated! xxx
  • hi hun, keeping everything crossed it was implantation. sounds promising with your temp staying up. see i told you being relaxed was too thought i would go mad the month i "took it easy".lol.xxxx
  • Hey hun, haven't spoken to you in ages! Being relaxed was hard!!! Haven't had any more pink/brown cm today, no bfp or af and temp is still high! ahhhhh! lol! Going to buy an FR test today as apparently they are more sensitive than SD. humph! xxx
  • keeping everything crossed for you hun.xxxx
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