i have a question

wen can u use them home fetal dopplers im 13+4 days wud i hear anything if i brought 1 now??


  • i bought an angelsounds after 12 week scan, we picked up babys heartbeat no problems and have been using it ever since! brilliant invention i love mine image
  • Lol Moony, thats exactly what i did! Freaked me out, because i thought i had found 2 heartbearts and must be having twins!! My Mum soon set me straight lol. I'm 14 weeks today, and have managed to pick up the real heartbeat but its really really faint, and usually disappears after 30 secs or so. I assume its because bub moves away from where i'm prodding. I think midwives dont advise you even try til 16 weeks as its so hard to find before then and can cause women to panic if they dont hear anything
  • hi, we cldn't even here ours on the doctors doppler until 16 weeks, so if ur a worrier its probably best to wait a few more weeks when u'll know u'll definately hear it.



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