21 weeks and have started being sick again!!!

hi i had sickness up untilabout 14 weeks and then ive been fine, i was sick this morning and hope its not coming back again...dont think ive got a bug or anything as i feel fine now it was just this morn when i got up, had tea then was sick!!!

has this happened to anyone else, where they have gone thru the sickness, then had a while of being fine, then its come back again!?..hopefully its just a one off, cant handle being sick!


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  • I had exactly the same thing. I was sick up until 12 weeks then I had a little break and it started again at 16 weeks image its horrible.
  • Hi Laura,
    Do you know, its funny you should say that cos i wasn't really actually sick that much but was nauseus up until about 14 weeks and then at the weekend got that horrible gagging feeling for no apparent reason. I think we are due around the same time (sane day i think) so seems strange but normal i guess. x
  • Sorry, I too have had ongoing sickness. I was sick every day from weeks 7 to 14 and since then (I'm 34+5 now!) I still have the odd day when I feel queasy or am actually sick. Guess you just learn to live with it but can't wait for lo to arrive now so I can feel better!!!
    P.S. think I'm one of the unlucky ones for the morning sickness to go on right the way through. Most books say it should go around weeks 10-14 image
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