I'm due in 40 days so thinking I should pack hospital bag soon! I really want some nice pyjamas that are suitable for breastfeeding. Not very keen on pale pastel colours. Does anyone know where I could get some in a darker colour?


  • Have u tried doing a search on a search engine or on ebay. I know what u mean tho all the maternity pjs seem to be in pastal colours. Gud luck finding the ones u want hun, and not long to go now. Kerry xxx
  • hi
    i've noticed la senza have started doing maternity pj's they only have two styles i think but one of them is black with a pale pink trim, the other is darker pink and grey i think?
  • Oooo that sounds nice i will have to go have a look at them myself, cheers. Kerry xxx

  • I've got a lovely set from Bloomin Marvellous but they're a light blue colour. xxxx

  • That's so weird that I was thinking about the same thing! I need something for the birth part that will allow for a tens machine to be used and then something suitable for breastfeeding. I agree that it's a pain that everything seems to be pastels... Why is it that mothercare only sell nighties that would appeal to my grandmother?

    Are pjs or nighties best? I would normally favour pjs but not sure what is most comfy after giving birth (I'm on baby number one...)

    So I actually have nothing to add in the way of help! Just adding more questions...
  • As long as ur pjs are lose and comfy i think they are fine for after the birth (i had pjs with my son for after the birth but i was also wearing them during the birth right up until i needed to start pushing, lol). I just never got round to taking them off ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • mothercare have a nice choice although most breastfeeding ones are quite expensive.depends what you want to pay really but what i have done is got just a pair of pj bottoms from primark (asda,tesco n all places like that sell em seperate too) and then got a breastfeeding clip down cami off ebay as someone was selling them brand new for ??3 and i've matched them up so looks like a set,saved a fortune doin it that way!hope im not w8in 2 long to try em out now!!hanna 37 1/2 wks xx
  • Do you have an Ethel Austin shop near you? They are closing alot of their shops at the end of May and I found some really nice grey pjs in there with front opening buttons for ??5 a pair plus some little vest tops that open at the front for ??4. Also got some new slipppers for the hospital for a bargain 75p!!!! Think they are also selling nursing bras for ??2.50 but think they are only up to a cup size D. Tammi xxx
    34.5 weeks
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