I'm 35+6weeks preg, and had bit of a rough night last night, woke up every hour or so with stomach pains, then about 11:30 this morn i went to the loo and i had a mucus discharge which was - not clear but cloudy is the best way to discribe it with a streak of brown in it- sorry for tmi,

I immediately thought this was a show and got very excited and rushed to tell my husband, i phoned the labour ward and she said as there was no blood (the brown suggests its old blood!) she didn't think this was a show, i've lost a little bit more since but again no blood!

My stomach has been very tight all day and still quite uncomfortable, feel very tired and have been asleep for past few hours, do you think this is very early labour or wishful thinking????



  • Hi

    When I had my show it was 2 days before i gave birth and it was quite a lot of mucus in a roundish shape which was a brownish colour but not what I would say had blood in it. (sorry if sounds gross!!)
    I too got well excited and thought babba would be arriving anytime and felt dissapointed when he didn't come that night. When I finally did go into labour two days later I certainly knew about it as the contractions were very consistant and I had quite bad tummy ache before that like uncomfortable & tight so you never know!!

    Good luck & I hope he/she makes an appearance soon :\)
  • Cant advise on whether this is a show or not but good luck, fingers crossed and thinking of you. Keep informed on your progress. Another sign you might like to look out for is a sudden burst of energy - I had this the night before my 1st was born. Are you all ready for the arrival?
  • well the other day i posted on here to say that the urge to nest was getting over welming and we have just finished his nursery today so if he is on his way its perfect timing and i feel so ready to have him now! i really hope this is it!
    I've been looking on websites and they say that a show can be either brown, red or pink in colour and mine was brown and quite alot too so not sure what the midwife at the labour ward was talking about!!
    My body just feels different, i'll be suprised if i don't have him soon to be honest!!
  • well i've just had some more so pretty sure it won't be long!! fingers crossed!
    I know he's early but really can't wait to have him!!
  • Relax and enjoy then! Am sure when the time comes you will know bout it! Funny cant remember what contractions felt like but must have been pretty hefty to have woken me up! Keep that bag by the door mate! Do you know if you are having a boy or girl or are you looking forward to a nice suprise?
  • I'm having a boy (well thats what they tell me!! lol)
    Funny but i just feel excited instead of nervous! but then its my first so don't really know what i've let myself in for lol
  • I think if we knew what we were letting ourselves in for we wouldnt do it!!! Am really pleased for you - what names have you chosen? Found naming my 1st really hard but wanted boy so much didnt even think of one for a girl! With 2nd was pretty much the same but am really hoping for a girl this time. Are you sitting up waiting for something to happen or waiting for the fight to start?
  • He has been called Ellis since we found out i was preg, even b4 i knew it was a boy, i was just so sure it was a boy!
    I went to sleep earlier today as i suddenly felt exausted, got up at 8:30 so now i'm not tired, plus think its abit of excitment lol
  • Ellis is nice! Is it a family name or did you just like it? How many times have you been through your bag since 8.30? Have you made sure hubby filled car with petrol? Am gonna go shortly finally getting tired but wish you all the luck in the world - will keep coming on over next couple of days to see how you are getting on. Love, hugs and best wishes, Lee x
  • hi
    thats rubbish i had a show but no blood just a greeny/clear snotty colour and even when i lost my plug completely after my waters broke then it was still not bloody and my sis has the same sounds like your show to me may not be all of it hun i lost some of mine 2 weeks prior to labour too xx
  • Lost the rest today, couldn't mistake it! was all a browny/pink colour and been having pains ever since (this was about 3pm) so think he will be here shortly, i'm glad but slightly nervous as he will be 4 weeks early!
    Will keep you all posted!

    Samantha 36wks
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