Placenta at the front.

Hi Ladies and bumps hope you are all well.

I was just wondering, When i went for my 16 week gender scan (2 weeks ago) We found out we are having a boy image and the Lady told me that my placenta was at the front of my stomach and therefore it will cushion baby's kicks etc. I am now 18 weeks only very rarely feeling little flutters and just wondered if anyone else has/had this and when did you feel kicks etc. I know it varies from pregnancy to pregnant but im soo impatient and want to feel a kick! i know i will also regret this when its 3am and i am being kicked to pieces! lol.

Samantha 18+1 x


  • hi Samantha, my placenta is at the front too, i think i started feeling bigger kicks at about 22 weeks, congratulations on your little boy, thats what im having too x
  • hi

    i also have an anterior placenta. i started to feel flutters around 16 weeks, kicks (more like twitches) at around 18 weeks, and then proper kicks around 20 weeks and OH was able to feel them from about 24 weeks. i now feel him all the time and altho i don't get so many kicks now due to space getting tight i do feel a lot of movements thru out the day. i don't think its really hindered my feeling movemenst and kicks at all but i my mw did say to me last week that she was finding it hard to tell which way up he was cos she can't feel the nobbly bits like hands, feet, elbows etc thru my placenta, so cld only make out head, back and bum, but difficult to tell which is head and which is bum lol so that might prove to be tricky, altho i'm sure as he grows some more she'll be able to feel some more definate features.

    and as u quite rightly say every pregnancy is different and there was another lady on here who had an anterior placenta and she didn't feel any movement til 24 weeks, so it really does vary.

  • Thanks for your replies i do feel twitches but i just thought they were my belly lol! i also felt one sort of pop which i thought was a kick but as its my first bubs i just dont know what feeling is what lol!

  • hey katie, u were the girl i mentioned in my post lol, did u feel ur ears burning?? xxx
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