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I phoned up the surgery yesterday to find out how contact is made with the midewife, whether my gp had informed her or whether i need to contact her. I was informed i need to fill out forms etc and she meets with me between 8-10weeks and scan at 12 weeks for now. However when on the phone i was informed that things had now changed and instead of seeing the midwife in your own home they make all appointments held at the surgery. I quite liked the idea of seeing the midwife in my own home it seems a nicer environment of you get me. Apparently it has only changed in the last month and I was wondering if it was just my area or whther other people have experienced this also.

It would be nice to hear of the situation in your area. hope all is well in your pregnancies xxx


  • hello! i am 31 weeks today and i have never had a home appointment apart from one emergency one when my docs refused too give me an appointment. As far as i know my area has done this for a while. we only have home visits when we are nearly due from about 36 weeks or somthing.xxx
  • hi, when i was pregnant with my lo all appointments with my mw were at the doctors surgery. they did make home visits but its very rare for it to happen
  • For me it's at the doctor's, and my booking-in appt was at 10 weeks. It would be lovely if they did home visits, but sadly not! My mw is so nice but clearly overworked, I was waiting 40 mins for my appt. I have heard in a lot of areas u have to fill in forms for appts, scans, etc, yourself but in ours the mw and GPs do it all for you - pretty good!

    What I do hate is my mw said contact me if ur worried, but I couldn't get hold of her. She has care of all the preg women at our surgery and quite a few others I think, plus delivering the babies at birth centre/hospital. It's irritating, it's not her fault though it's the governments. My partner's mum says when she was pregnant, there was 1 mw to every pg woman!! xxx
  • my mw insisted on making the booking in appt at home which annoyed me cause I'd rather go to the docs surgery so I told her it'd have to be a weekend appointment because she wouldn't give me any more than a vague time. All the rest have been at the doctors surgery which is the way I prefer it although I believe they will do home appointments, so long as you don't mind having something like a 2 hour time slot they will turn up in. Girl I work with had home appointments wherever possible so she didn't have to take her little lad out to the docs surgery - she found it more convenient

    I want a homebirth so I guess I'll have to put up with at least 1 home visit, but I'm hoping that they won't try and insist on any more home appointments after the birth - I'd rather not have strangers in my house unless its absolutely necessary.
  • i also have to wait an average of half an hour or more coz my mw is running so late, i feel for them. what does annoy me is that i have to see which ever mw is doing the clinic, although they have all been fine i dont like having to be proded about by a differnet woman everytime who doesnt know me from adam! last one i saw was lovely so ive asked for her again but they tell me on the phone at reception its luck of the draw! this bugs me!!!!
  • not heard mentioned about home appointments. Think i prefer surgery appointments as don't get much toime to tidy at mo as we're always out or working or too tired to move lol how embarassing is it to have a midwife trying to step over the ever growing pile of baby stuff. (i live in a lil one bedroomed flat that once i stop working we won't be able to afford so we gotta find somewhere to live...) Defo would hate people trapsing through my lil flat at teh moment. 2 weeks till my booking appoint and i'm nervous as hell!
  • Thanks for your views. The only reason i ask was because last year i went out with a midwife as part of my university course and she always did home visits unless running a clinic in the surgery. And my partner had heard the same. Didn't realise it has been going qutie a while, visintg the mw at the surgery. Things have obviously changed...xxx
  • All midwife antenatal appointments where I live are at the doctors surgery bar a couple towards the end that may be in your own home or if theres a medical reason they will see you at home. Its been like this here for quite some time coz it was the same when I was pregnant with my daughter over 2 years ago.

    After the baby is born the midwife always called with us rather than us going to the surgery though.

    Hilary x
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